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    years – Clinical Proof and Evidence 
        Clients and customers, were tired of
        suffering. They hated medication, yet
        they wanted to feel better.
        They opened their minds and became
        receptive, to a natural way to restore
        their good mental health. If this sounds
        like you, read 
this website. 

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My website may not have the bells and whistles,

That is all an illusion, and not necessary, when the product is the star. Stop being fooled by million dollar websites, or extravagant videos, they are a ploy and usually a con for “sucky products.” The truth, a pretty girl does not have to wear a lot of make-up.

Why do some companies sell several products used for the same purpose? They know their products are not effective, and their main objective is to just make money. They know that only 10% of people who buy on-line will take the time to return anything. How do you think Amazon became so huge.

These same companies are all about upselling, and before you leave their website, they have presented all types of discounts to purchase large item quantities. Some are thrilled to add you to an automated refill system, so every month another shipment is sent out.

Again, they don’t care about you at all.

Wellotonin is so different. I did not create Wellotonin just to make money. It was the furthest and last idea on my mind.  To prove this, a new customer is not allowed to purchase more than 1 bottle at the beginning.

Wellotonin was made for me, by me. Ironically, I was a Licensed Psychotherapist who discovered after my own unexpected trauma and following mental health condition, that my school education and training fell short.  We studied mental health symptoms, and conditions, and which category of medication to use. 

We never learned the “why” or the “how” of mental health. We surely never learned how to make these conditions dissipate without medication. This was where I had to become my own hero. 

Along the way, I stumbled on the TRUTH about Mental Health. I recognized it was all about the brain healing itself, if and when it was armed with the necessary nutrients. B-complex, Calcium, Magnesium, and Omega 3, and 6. 

This theory has been proven by clients and customers that finally stopped all their their emotional suffering. 
Simply these were the ingredients the brain required to naturally raise our serotonin, and I did the heavy lifting for you.  Wellotonin makes it more cost effective and simple to restore your good mental health.   

Unlike 99% of the products out there, including Medication, Wellotonin works in a synergistic process to elevate the serotonin, but unlike most products the results are SUSTAINABLE.  Every day you are getting a little closer to your optimum functioning. Unlike medication, Wellotonin can keep you going in a forward direction, mentally climbing upward until you reach your optimum you. 

Thousands are sick and tired of suffering, and want something better. They heard about Wellotonin from
my other clients and were referred to me. 

Are you ready to enjoy 2020?  When you look back at the end of 2020, what do you want this year to look like?

Customers reported they were able to smile again, feel calmer, and less reactive. They watched their mood disorder symptoms, and mental health conditions fade away very quickly.  They knew their feeling of a mental breakdown was in the past.  

The best was the control they gained back, recognizing it was now easy to monitor and regulate the level of serotonin in their brain. When and if they had an unexpected trauma that dive-bombed them into a depressive anxious or angry state, they now had the means to combat it.

They embraced my theory and validated my personal experience. They now are able to enjoy their lives. It has been empowering to realize that our brain knows exactly what to do” once it gets the necessary, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3, epa 6 dha. It is all in a veggie-cap form in Wellotonin.

Seriously, go watch some cat videos, if you want to only believe mental illness is forever and your only option is medication. 

 I have suffered severe depression for most of my life...  was prescribed several different anti-depressants. They did not make me feel good. Being introduced to Wellotonin was so lucky. It is great, I am a happier person, feel like myself, have a more positive outlook, and now I look forward to the future.
I have recommended this product t
o all my friends and family. GG* Closter, NJ  (More Testimonials)

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My mental prison bars are gone, and now my clients and customers are free too. Sheila LMHC

My clients and customers are no longer suffering, with depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, stress, now
they are living a happier and healthier life, because they raised their serotonin with Wellotonin.  

 A happier life for you too is right around the corner, when you choose wisely. 

Unlike many health professionals, I have clinical evidence to substantiate what I am saying.

It is not complicated to understand, the truth about mental health conditions and mood disorder symptoms
surface. Just click the blue button below and learn more. 

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Please recognize we are born into this world, void of all mental health conditions. Genetic predispositions may exist, however; they never have to be triggered if your serotonin level remains high. 

I have done all the heavy-lifting and combined all the necessary vitamins, minerals in 1 bottle.
It is Wellotonin. 

So, click on the orange button below, and Order Wellotonin now.  If you are not embracing all of this yet, 
click on the blue button, Learn More Truths – Mood Disorders.  

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