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    9 y
ears – Clinical Proof and Evidence 
    Clients and customers, were tired of suffering. 
    They hated medication,
    it was 
not working for them.  

    They opened their minds and became
    receptive, to a natural way to restore their
    good mental health. If this sounds
          like you, read 
this website.

         Start 2020 right! 
         Learn the Real Truth, 

   My website may not have the bells and whistles, It has been my mission for the 
last 10+ years, to help guide people to raise their natural serotonin, so they can lead a
happier life. 

That is all an illusion, when the product is the star. Stop being fooled by million dollar 
websites, with extravagant videos, they are a ploy usually
for “sucky products.” The truth,
a pretty girl does not need a lot of make-up.

        I have been asked mental health questions on Quora, so much dribble and antiquated 
        misinformation out there.  
        What I have included, there is clinical evidence to back it up, even if the medical community
         refuses to accept it. My clients’ lives were changed for the better, because they embraced
         this truth.    

       Before: we go any further, Congratulations on your path to wellness.
       Like I have indicated, my website may not have all the bells and whistles,
       but it is no HYPE EITHER.

       I have been a Licensed Psychotherapist for over 20 years, my education did
       not teach me what I now know. Actually my education fell short, after my
      own trauma, and the subsequent onset of my own mental health issues. I did it
      for me, and for thousands of others. 

       My most important success was managing my own mood disorder symptoms, making
        them go away and leave me alone. 
Now it is your time to trust me, I can explain the relevant information and it is your
        decision whether you want to embrace the words on this page. 

        Best, Sheila LMHC

        “I learned more about myself and why I was feeling lousy in one counseling session with Sheila, 
        than the last 6 months I spent going to my old therapist. She is truly gifted, and I was so lucky 
        that I was referred to her by my friend. She made everything make sense, and I could apply 
       all to me and the terrible events that I had went through for the last year. Everyone kept 
telling me
       I needed medication. I did not want to take medication, I wanted to feel better. 
Now, I feel back to
       myself, I have more desire to do things, and every day I enjoy my life once 
again. I really never
       thought it would be possible. I will always recommend Sheila. She really 
knows what she is doing.
       She was right, no medication is needed to feel great.”  

       The information is a game changer for my customers and clients, It has been life-changing. 
       It may be new for most of you. Questions can be directed to

       It is all very simple, best of all NO MEDICATION IS NEEDED! – IT REALLY NEVER WAS!

       Mood Disorders, Mood Disorder Symptoms: Simply defined, these are mental health
       issues that surface and interfere with your daily healthy functioning. 

        Now you know as much as most psychiatrists.
        Reality: this is when they pull out their prescription pad, and prescribe the most popular anti-depressant.
        If that causes you too many side-effects or does not seem to work, they will either increase the dosage
        or change it to the 2nd most popular. Basically they are playing “Russian Roulette types of games with 
        your mental health and life.  

             Mood Disorders
              Mood Disorder Symptoms
              Mental Health Symptoms
              Mental Health Conditions
              Mental Illness
              Psychological Disorders     These are basically all the same. 

         Here below is where it changes.  

          1. Truth: There are 4 Mental Health Conditions or Mood Disorders

            Depression – When too Severe can lead to Suicide
            Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
             Anger – Yes, Anger

           These all have 1 thing in common they are all due to low Serotonin.  
            These can include these symptoms and many more. 

            feeling empty
           suicidal thoughts
           difficulty sleeping
           crying a lot
           feeling like a failure
           self-worth issues
           negative self-impression
           negative outlook

       The above is just one big mixed salad of emotions, and it does not work like this.

      Here is the information that you have not been told: Because Doctors Do Not Know This.

      Mental Health is all about your Serotonin levels. When you serotonin is high enough, you feel fine. 
     When your serotonin falls too low, it will eventually trigger your mental symptoms.

       Every single life event either brings your serotonin up, or down. ( below just as an example)
        i.e. seeing a puppy brings it up, sitting in traffic brings it down. Eating your favorite food brings it up, 
       and seeing a huge electric bill brings it down.

        And***** it does not have to be in your life. If you read a sad story about another, your serotonin falls
        if you read an uplifting story, your serotonin goes up.  This is why! You should avoid the News. 
       Our serotonin never remains the same, ever. It is fluid and not concrete.

       Every single day you continually role the dice. Some people are luckier because their lives are filled with 
      so many good events, that it is easier for them to maintain feeling good. However; for most, their lives
       include more negative events, that their serotonin is constantly falling instead of being lifted. 
      Consequently, the serotonin falls too low and triggers their mood disorder symptoms. 

       It is important to realize that “mood disorder symptoms” are genetic, and unless the serotonin is raised,
       they will eventually become a full-blown mental health condition. 

       The picture below explains. 

Photo by ray laskey 

    ex. The iceberg represents your genetic disposition. The sky represents”
    your level of serotonin at birth. Your serotonin can fall lower but at first
    you will experience no symptoms. Once it falls too low, it hits the iceberg
   peak. Now, you will begin to experience mood symptoms.

   As it continues to fall lower and lower, your symptoms will intensify.  
   Your genetics (iceberg) never goes away. To feel better, it is essential
   you have your serotonin levels stay above the “tip of the iceberg.”

    If depression gets too severe, your outlook and reality, will shift, and often
    suicide can be the next step. This is why, you don’t wait until then.  

    Food used to help us feel better, but it now lacks nutrients. 


          Sadly, today most of our foods are bastardized, and void of nutrients, due to chemical  and other 
          processes. This affects our metabolism and absorption, the results is our brains are starving for
          wanted and needed nutrients. Between this, and the negative events, millions are experiencing
          mood disorder symptoms and mental health issues. This includes Brain Fog.   

          You now have not choice, and MUST use “supplements” in order to to get the necessary levels of
          vitamins, minerals to function mentally properly. When your brain gets these elements, they
          work in synergy to first create your own genuine, L-tryptophan, and your own 5-HTP, and
         your own genuine serotonin.
         I have done all the blending and combining to make sure the necessary nutrients
         and quantities are consumed.

         **Mood disorder symptoms also include: Again due to low serotonin.

          lack of focus,
         difficulty organizing,
         concentration or low productivity,
         mental clarity,
         obsessive thoughts,
         lack of energy,
         anhedonia (having no interest in anything)
         negative thoughts,
         feeling like a failure,
         feeling empty.
         agitation and
         loss of appetite and
         even food can lose taste  

Black and white happy mask

         People may try to hide what they are feeling, even wearing a mask
         in public. 

         They may smile on the outside, while they are crying inside. They often
         isolate, because no one can embrace their reality. 

        If you are suffering with OCD, you may be experiencing obsessive thoughts
         ruminating, negative ideas. They are punishing, often directive negative 
        commands. This includes, self-mutilation, cutting, biting your nails and 
        even pulling out your hair. 

          It continues to be a “snowball effect” 
          Until today, unbeknownst to the victim they can make it leave them alone.
           First they need to recognize it is their life events that has been pushing their serotonin too low.
           The only recovery or solution is raising their serotonin immediately.  

          They can start now, or wait and suffer until the medical community finally catches up. 
         It is unfortunate the individuals who are speaking about depression, and anxiety, and making videos
          are incorrectly connecting dots, and instead jumbling and bungling it up.

         It is also understandable, as it is being reported by a depressed person. Most people do not understand 
         the different categories, and what goes where.
        They do not know the catalyst from the cause and effect and result. They don’t know they can make it all
         stop bothering them. Sadly, there are countless professionals speaking about anxiety.

        Most do not even know the definition of “anxiety.” They may suggest cognitive strategies. Sorry
        that just is not going to work. Your condition is “LOW SEROTONIN”.
        Sure talking to your plants may make them grow bigger, but without water, they can’t thrive.  

        Current problem – Few understand what are the “cogs in the wheels” yet they are teaching others. 
         This is like trying to follow a recipe, without categorizing the ingredients from the directions.
        It is like trying to assemble a desk with pieces missing and incorrect tools.   

       This will make it in-surmountable and impossible to combat or accomplish.


image with a turquoise background and the profile of a persons head all in black, with 4 puzzle pieces missing, showing shaped in white, the black pieces are floating on the blue background.
                    All pieces fit together very easily.

 None of this is true!

It is so much simpler when the person understands what
are mood disorder conditions, and which are the symptoms that are born from them. 

It is not a puzzle with missing pieces. On the contrary, it is a puzzle with all the pieces available, that fits together easily. 
This is providing that you forget everything you have ever heard or read. 

    Even for me, a licensed psychotherapist for over 20 years, just seeing an arbitrary list of mental health terms and issues is quite confusing. Unfortunately that mess is how it was                 taught to me as well, but today, I know from my own personal experience with mental health issues it is just               true. 

       There is a hierarchy and set of Symptoms:  Depression, Anxiety, OCD and Anger.

        Each one of these has sub symptoms. They are genetic, and some people have genetics for
        more than one. 

        I often hear it described by patients and healthcare professionals alike, like a big tossed salad, with no order              or assembly. People think everything just goes where it wants, and it is completely random.

       Mood disorder, mental health issues, mental illness, mental breakdowns, depression, anxiety, peri-menopause,         pregnancy depression, PTSD, menopause, post-partum depression, these are not just thrown around
       topsy-turvy in a salad.

       They all have their place, their catalyst, cause and effect. WITH THAT SAID, what they have in

       Let’s break it down again.  

        Feeling Empty
        Lack of Energy
        Feeling like a Failure
        Sleeping too much
        Body Image Issues
        Negative Outlook

        General Anxiety Disorder
        Social Anxiety

       Noisy Head
       Obsessive Thoughts
       Self-harming behaviors
       Perfection Issues
       Eating Disorders
       Counting  – please note this is due to obsessive thoughts.
       Checking – please note this is due to obsessive thoughts.
       Cleaning – please note this is due to obsessive thoughts.
       Rituals – please note this is due to obsessive thoughts. 


       Now you may have others, reach out to me on my contact page if you are unsure which category they are                      assigned to., or my Facebook page –

       Symptoms begin mild, getting more severe as the serotonin continues to decline or is not re-generated 
       and elevated. Again, these are all genetic predispositions. 

       It is hugely important to understand the “true definition” of anxiety. Again, another
       term being thrown” 
around by patients, and medical doctors alike.  Nervousness,
       anticipation, unknown, fear, ARE NOT ” 
ANXIETY.   image of blue road, with a fork, choose which way

    True Anxiety is the inner struggle created,                when there are two roads to go down, or                  two choices and you must decide. It is the                struggle trying to make the right decision, and      after the angst” wondering if you made the
    right decision. Sometimes you can feel like you      are jumping out of your skin. 

   *Nervousness, apprehension – is that, it is not anxiety.  
   *Fear is fear, and everyone has some so you are no              different than the rest. 
    Unfortunately, some children grew up with parents
   who made issues bigger seem bigger. Ex. routinely              children are not concerned about friends, until the parent plants that seed. 

    As for panic attacks, important to check if other medications being used ex. heart, bP, even eye-drops
    may have those potential side-effects.  

    Panic attack are often learned behaviors as well, if they have shown to be effective. Whether it is attention
    or a way to get out of things. I had a client who reported constant panic attacks, until she she had a child
    and had to care for her. No more panic attacks, since that day. 

    There have been clients, that used panic attacks to get out of school events, after witnessing their mother
    For the panic attack – cognitive strategy is distraction, cold water on the face, counting random numbers
    and other mental games. 

    I suffered two severe panic attacks in my life, my heart racing out of control, couldn’t breath, On both these
    occasions, it was side-effects from blood pressure and anti-biotics.  

    Social anxiety – 99% of people are uncomfortable with meeting new people. This is not “social anxiety.” 
        So, who suffers more? – introverts. 
       Why do they suffer more? Answer: Because they are the “over-thinkers” 
       Do they have to be the “over-thinkers”? 
       Nope, not if  they can’t get into their “heads and over-think every little damn thing. 
       When they get into their heads – they ruminate – part of their OCD. 

      Stop this Rumination, by raising the serotonin.  
    When your Serotonin is sufficient, the door to your head it LOCKED.  

     Again, those who worry also have OCD – low serotonin.

Order Wellotonin

     I once heard something that really resonated, I used this with so many of my clients. 

     Why Worry:
     If there is an answer to the problem, than why worry?
     If there is no answer to the problem, than why worry?
     When you are worrying, you are not taking action or doing anything.
     Therefore, it really does not exist or serve any purpose. 

     People who suffer with non-ending obsessive thoughts are suffering with OCD. They may be
     suffering with depression also, but the thoughts are their OCD. 
     As I have said before, it is all due to low serotonin. 

     It is essential to recognize, once you begin to feel stressed, or overwhelmed- your serotonin is too low.
     That is the time to generate more.
     Instead of waiting and watching your symptoms become intensified.  

      You must recognize “insomnia” means your Melatonin level is too low.

      Since Melatonin is derivative of Serotonin, you are experiencing mood issues too. 
      When focusing, organizing, prioritizing, become difficult, and mental clarity is fleeting, memory is
      lacking – Your serotonin is too low – Time to generate more then not later.  

image of flooded living room

Would you wait until your house was under 3 feet of water, before calling the plumber to fix the leak? NO OF COURSE NOT.  Yet, you will wait until you are mentally drowning before you do anything about it. 

You take better care of your home than yourself. 

I understand in some people’s minds it can be
embarrassing in possessing mental health issues.  

You feel isolated since few people understand.
      I KEPT MY SELF-HARMING THOUGHTS A SECRET FOR OVER TWO YEARS.  It would be through my                  personal experience, I learned the truth. 

     Today, I am mentally healthy, because I continue to make sure that my serotonin levels remain high. 
     There have been No Intrusive Self-Harming Thoughts In over 13 Years. Every day, I
     Generate more Serotonin. I sleep like a rock with the most quiet head.   

     Please don’t misunderstand, psychotherapy / counseling is good, it is just not enough. 

     Once again the foundation for your mood disorders, mental health conditions, mood swings,
     feeling stressed-out, overwhelmed, frustrated, impatient, intolerant, emotional eating, lack of         motivation, procrastination, PTSD, is due to your Serotonin being too low.

    Grief, or bereavement makes your serotonin plummet, and no life event is going to raise it
    back. This is why, those suffering grief, seek medication.
    Better choice, raising your serotonin naturally and make those horrible feeling go away. 
     Wellotonin can help you like it has helped thousands of customers and clients. 

     “This is a great, all natural product that raises the Serotonin naturally. It works on my                      anger and my OCD…saved my life. What a wonderful supplement. It works! I works as                      stated.”

Order Wellotonin Now
      To prevent the Perfect Storm, you need to supplement your brain with the necessary 
       nutrients. I only talk about one formula and that is all I sell. 

        Can someone explain why companies sell multiple products used for the same purpose?
        Answer: They know their products are not effective, and their main objective is to just
        make money.

        Studies have shown that only approximately 10% of people buying on line, want to invest
        the time for returns. How do you think Amazon became so huge!

Upselling: All the companies are upselling before you get to the checkout, large discounts if you purchase large item quantities. Others will practically give it away, if you sign-up as a 
customer for their automated refill system.

Why? They know most will take months before they get around to canceling. Just like the 
gym that is charging you 30$ a month and you never go. 

Again, they don’t care about you at all. 

Wellotonin is different. I did not create Wellotonin to make money. Actually, that was the furthest idea on my mind.

To Validate this, new customers are not allowed to buy more than 1 bottle, or set. 

Wellotonin was made for me, by me.

         Ironically, I was a Licensed Psychotherapist who discovered only after my own sudden onset
         of a mental health condition following a severe life trauma, that my school education and training
        fell short. 

        Sure, we studied mental health symptoms, and conditions, and which category of medication
        to use. 

We never learned the “why” or the “how” of mental health. We surely never learned how to make these conditions dissipate without medication. I had to become my own hero. 

It would be then, I had the biggest breakthrough that changed everything I learned.

I recognized your brain could heal itself, when it was armed with the necessary nutrients. B-complex,
Calcium, Magnesium, and Omega 3, and 6. 

My clients and customers continue every day to substantiate this idea.  They finally have been able
to stop their emotional suffering. 

I just did the heavy lifting, and put my Patented Proprietary Blend into a neat, container.  I made it
cost effective and simple to restore your good mental health. 

        Wellotonin, works in a synergistic process to elevate the serotonin, and the results are SUSTAINABLE. 
        Each and every day, you get a little closer to your own optimum functioning. This not only helps you
        mentally function better, you build that mental resilience that we all need.

Wellotonin keeps you going in a forward direction, climbing mentally upward.  

Thousands are sick and tired of suffering, and want something better. Many Wellotonin clients and
customers were referred to me.  

Are you ready to enjoy 2020?  In December 2020, looking back, what do you want this year and
every year since now to look like? 

Customers can smile again, feel calmer and less reactive. They watch their focus, productivity,
organization, sky-rocket.  They have seen their mood disorder symptoms, and mental health conditions
fade away very quickly.  They finally know that feeling of a mental breakdown is in the past.  

The control that they gained back was the best, now being able to recognize it was within their own
personal power to monitor and regulate the serotonin in their brain. And if an unexpected trauma
“dive-bombed” them, they had the means to combat it before falling into a depressive, anxious or
angry state.

They have embraced my theory, and shared it, which validates my personal experience. More
importantly, they are again enjoying their lives, and for some this has been decades. 

It has been self-empowering recognizing that our brains know exactly what it needs to do, and can
do it seamlessly with the right tools. This is exactly what you will find in Wellotonin. 

       Each capsule is filled with the correct balanced amount of B- complex, Calcium and Magnesium. 
       Each Omega soft-gel contains the correct balance of Omega 3, and Omega 6, EPA and DHA. 

Seriously, go watch some cat videos, if you believe mental illness is chronic and your only option is medication forever. 

 I have suffered severe depression for most of my life...  was prescribed several different anti-depressants. They did not make me feel good. Being introduced to Wellotonin was so lucky. It is great, 
I am a happier person, feel like myself, have a more positive outlook, and now I look forward to the
future. I have recommended this product t
o all my friends and family. GG* Closter, NJ 
(More Testimonials)

          Order Wellotonin Today

My own crazy mental prison bars are gone, and now my clients and customers are free too.
Sheila LMHC

My clients and customers are no longer suffering, with depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, stress, now
they are living a happier and healthier life, because they raised their serotonin with Wellotonin.  

 A happier life for you too is right around the corner, when you choose wisely. 

        Yes, we are born into this world, void of all mental health conditions. Genetic predispositions
        may exist, however; they never have to be triggered if your serotonin level remains high. 

So, click on the orange button below, and Order Wellotonin now.  If you are not embracing all of this yet, 
go back to the beginning and start again. Mental health issues do affect concentration and comprehension.  

Order Wellotonin Today                       



              *results may vary
   These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not  intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

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