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Thousands are sick and tired of suffering, and want something better. They were referred to my counseling office. I am Sheila M Cooperman LMHC, a licensed psychotherapist and the person who has discovered how mood disorder symptoms and mental health conditions really work. I have proven repeatedly there is a better way, healthy way, medication free that can eliminate your issues, and the results are sustainable. 

Are you ready to enjoy 2019?  When you look back at the end of 2019, what do you want your year to look like? Are you ready to smile again, feel more calm, less reactive. Begin to see your mood disorder symptoms, and mental health conditions start to fade away very quickly. This has been the experience for thousands for the 
last 9 years. You too, with my guidance and simple explanation, why consuming the necessary, vitamins, minerals, Omega 3, 6, and embracing your brain does the rest can lead a happy, enjoyable, calm, peaceful
life no longer experiencing mental health issues and mood disorder symptoms. It is just that simple. 

First, you must promise to Ignore, the old standard information that draws a
bleak picture of CHRONIC Mental illness. It is not true. Just read what my customers say, 

 I have suffered severe depression for most of my life...  was prescribed several different anti-depressants. They did not make me feel good. Being introduced to Wellotonin was so lucky. It is great,
I am a happier person, feel like myself, have a more positive outlook, and now I look forward to the future.
I have recommended this product t
o all my friends and family. GG* Closter, NJ

“I was so stressed all the time, and it was pouring out into my relationship and causing damage. We were so lucky to find Sheila. She was able to help us see things from a different prospective. Sheila uses a Nutritional Supplement formula,Wellotonin that contains just vitamins and minerals. This product helped me naturally feel calmer, as I result my relationship is being repaired and going forward in a positive direction.”  – A.M.*

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I first freed myself from my mental prison, and now they are free too.

My clients and customers used to suffer, with depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, stress, and now
they are happy, healthy people, enjoying their lives because they tried Wellotonin, which raised
their serotonin.

 A new, happier life for you too is right around the corner, but it is your final decision. 

Unlike many health care professionals, I can explain the reason behind your mental health

I have the clinical evidence to substantiate what I am saying.

It is not complicated, actually the “how” and “why” you feel depressed, anxious, obsessive and angry, or any measure of these major 4 mental health conditions. It is still about your serotonin.
Some of these are agitation, no patience, stressed, negative outlook, insomnia, or even finding the need
to always be social media connected, FOMO (fear of missing out). 

Please note: We are all born into this world perfectly fine void of mental health conditions. Sure, most have some genetic predisposition, but it does not mean it ever has to be triggered.

Ex. having the family predisposition for diabetes, it can remain dormant forever, if the person maintains good weight, eats properly and takes care of themselves. 

These conditions are triggered only when your serotonin falls too low.  

All the negative events in your life, steadily bring down the serotonin. 

At first, negative events make you free fall, but you are still feeling okay, no mood symptoms,

But, once you fall too low, you trigger your genetics and begin to feel depressed, anxious, Obsessive,
or even angry. Some people feel more than just one.

These mood disorder symptoms, will continue becoming more severe until the serotonin rises.

Just like the negative events bring the serotonin down, the positive events bring it up.

If there are not enough positive life events, then you must increase the serotonin another way. 

This is with nutrients, unfortunately our foods no longer help you. 

So, the only choice is to nourish your brain with the necessary nutrients, and it will begin to heal itself. 

The results are quick, usually just a few days and they are sustainable.

My clients and customers embraced this theory. 

I have done all the heavy-lifting and combined all the necessary vitamins, minerals in 1 bottle.
It is Wellotonin. 

 Just like that, their brains were no longer being deprived of the necessary, vitamins, mineral and nutrients, and it began to heal itself.  

Like I said, it is up to you. 

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