10 Natural Ways To Fight Depression

1 Habits build character, getting into a routine is key. According to Ian Cook, MD, director of the Depression Research Clinic Program at UCLA, depression can strip away the structure of your life, making everyday tasks difficult. Setting a daily schedule to gently coax yourself back into productivity can help alleviate your depression.

2 The best way to establish good habits is by setting goals. Depression can make you feel unaccomplished, so small daily goals can help you push yourself. Cook says that its best to “start very small… like doing the dishes every other day.” As you start reaching small milestones, set additional goals to continue your self- improvement.

3 Start Exercising. If that is too much, at least make stretching a habit. Physical movement releases endorphins, which will increase the serotonin is a natural remedy for depression. Regular exercise breaks down and rewires your neural connections, helping to improve your depression in the long term.

Don’t push yourself too hard during exercise, do whatever your body allows you to, and be compassionate with yourself. Change takes time!

4 Eat healthy, whole foods. There is no rulebook diet to follow here, just make sure to eat foods that are fresh and nutritious. Your brain needs nutrients and vitamins to remain balanced. In addition, if you tend to overeat while depressed, setting a goal of timed eating schedule will improve how you feel.

(Recognize many of our foods have vitamins and minerals that have been compromised or reduced due to pesticides and other chemicals.)

Keep an eye out especially for leafy greens like Kale and spinach which are rich in minerals for rebuilding tissue. According to research, Omega 3 fatty acids found in ‘cold sea’ fish like salmon and tuna can help ease depression. They are natural mood enhancers, but it is not enough.

5 Getting sleep is a natural remedy for depression. A full 8 hours’ sleep is difficult during depression, with insomnia being a common struggle. Insomnia is due to low melatonin. Melatonin is a derivative of serotonin. Reality, is your serotonin level is too low, and there is always some other mental health issues besides insomnia. However, sleep is necessary to ensuring your top physical condition. Start making lifestyle changes like turning off lights at sunset, taking distractions (TV) out of your room, and turning off the computer. During the day, try to avoid napping and stay busy.

While depressed, you might want to withdraw from everything, but it is important to find fulfillment in responsibilities and staying busy. 

6 Be involved with your family, take it easy at work but develop coping strategies like breathing techniques. Spending time with your family and interacting with others can help you feel more connected with your environment and lessen the symptoms of depression over time.

7 Depression will bring on negative thoughts, chatter in your head making you fear, or doubt. Challenge these thoughts by recognizing the need to increase your Serotonin levels. Once this occurs, the positive thoughts will flow naturally. Use logic, use cognitive reinterpretation finding a way to turn a negative thought into something positive. Sometimes feelings that you perceive from your environment can be skewed by negative thinking on your part. By doing so, you can help keep destructive thoughts at bay.

8 Natural supplements for mood disorders like anxiety and depression have been used for decades to alleviate certain symptoms. The idea behind natural treatments and remedies is prevention before treatment. Different natural supplements help with different conditions. For example, if you are lacking in serotonin, consider using the necessary vitamins and minerals and fish oil. The active ingredients that are necessary to raise your serotonin.

Give your brain the tools it needs, and it will heal itself. A great natural supplement for depression is Wellotonin. This supplement has B- Vitamins, calcium, Magnesium and Omega 3 EPA, and Omega 6 DHA all in convenient capsules and softgels. It contains the ingredients you need to raise your natural levels of Serotonin in this nutritional supplement formula.

Check with your healthcare professional to ensure there are no conflicts with your prescribed medication. Natural supplements for depression are better than prescription medication because of the many harmful side effects one can experience from medication.

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9. Do something new. Boredom makes you more susceptible to depression, and learning new skills can help rebuild neural connections in the brain, ultimately helping to stabilize your mood controlling chemicals. Try learning a new language, or visiting the local museum.

Maybe find a sunny place to lay and read a book. Dr. Cook says, “When we challenge ourselves to do something different, there are chemical changes in the brain.” Dopamine increases with learning new things, creating feelings of happiness and fulfillment.

10 Keep a positive attitude and give yourself credit. Change always takes time, with patience flowers bloom! Try to have fun and make time for things you enjoy.

If you’re suffering from depression of any kind, you’re likely to be prescribed a host of pills and supplementsthat can affect your physical well-being with debilitating side-effect.

While the problem is largely mental in nature, it may very easily affect your physical health and manifest—perhaps most commonly in the shape of dramatic weight gain or loss.

Wellotonin aims to help individuals combat depression with the aid of natural supplements, enriched with a unique vitamin formula. We understand the importance of being patient on the road to recovery. And our natural supplements are designed to give you the courage to fight back, without burning out or giving up close to the finish line.

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