10 Ways To Fight Depression- debunked

Sure, I could include lots of posts, which site information about depression, from text books, tons of websites and even words directly from medication inserts. I am not going to do that, because it is incorrect, dated, and honestly makes me want to puke.

For my purpose, I will show the reader what they is true.

1 Habits build character, getting into a routine is key. According to Ian Cook, MD, director of the Depression Research Clinic Program at UCLA, (Note a MD, psychiatrist, giving counseling tips, hmmm) Let me a licensed psychotherapist, who does counseling break it down for you.

Depression can strip away the structure of your life, making everyday tasks difficult. Yes, I agree with this statement. One of the indications that you are depressed, is not wanting to do anything.  

He says,  set a daily schedule to coax yourself back into productivity. I think it is pretty difficult to set and follow a daily schedule, if you are depressed, and do not want to do anything. That is trying to teach a dog to run up a tree. that is not happening either.

2 The best way to establish good habits is by setting goals. Depression can make you feel unaccomplished, so small daily goals can help you push yourself.  Would someone like to explain to me what that means. Severe depression, can make you feel like you are a complete “failure”. This is why we don’t want anyone’s depression to become severe. Cook says that its best to “start very small… like doing the dishes every other day.” As you start reaching small milestones, set additional goals to continue your self- improvement.  In contrast, I do not think doing dishes every other day will change anything.

What about exercising?

3 Start Exercising. There is a lot of documentation that Physical movement can release endorphins, which will increase the serotonin, a natural remedy for depression. I do agree, for some people physical exercise can make them feel better, providing they actually get up off the couch first. If they are depressed, that is very doubtful.

4 Eat healthy, whole foods. There is no rule book diet to follow here, just make sure to eat foods that are fresh and nutritious. Your brain needs nutrients and vitamins to remain balanced. In a perfect world, or perfect country, this would be a helpful suggestion. So many people eat healthy and they are now suffering with mood disorders. This is due to the fact that we have no healthy, whole foods anymore. So, that will not help either.

(Recognize many of our foods intrinsically have vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, they are now being compromised or reduced due to pesticides and other chemicals.)

Keep an eye out especially for leafy greens like Kale and spinach which are rich in minerals for rebuilding tissue. It is essential to recognize, again we do not know how the pesticides affect the nutrients in these vegetables either.

According to research, Omega 3 fatty acids found in ‘cold sea’ fish like salmon and tuna can help ease depression. They are natural mood enhancers, but it is not enough.  Omega 3, 6, found in fish and fish oil, definitely gives you a leg up when it comes to mood, and focus. I agree alone it is not enough. It needs to be combined with the correct vitamins and minerals for the brain to have the tools to heal itself.


5 Getting sleep is a natural remedy for depression. Ironically, some people with depression, do nothing but sleep all day. Where others, will suffer with insomnia.  Truthfully for many people getting 8 hours’ of sleep is difficult during depression, because they have inadequate levels of melatonin.  They are depressed, meaning they do not have enough serotonin, of course they will not have enough melatonin.  Why? Melatonin is a derivative of serotonin.

We read to sleep better, you should turn of lights at sunset, taking distractions (TV) out of your room, and turning off the computer. I do not think any of this is necessary.  My lights are on, and I have a TV in my room, for me to watch after I finally stop working on my computer wee hours in the night – I sleep soundly every night.

While depressed, you might want to withdraw from everything, but it is important to find fulfillment in responsibilities and staying busy.  Why is this important? If you do activities you like, and find enjoyable, your serotonin levels gradually begin to rise.

6 Be involved with your family, develop coping strategies, I do believe this is important, coping strategies including boundaries. It is important to recognize the burdens that do not belong to us.

Family time

Spending time with your family and interacting with others can help you feel more connected with your environment and lessen the symptoms of depression over time. This is only valid if you like your family. If your relatives cause you conflict, they will only make your condition worse.

7 Depression will bring on negative thoughts, chatter in your head making you fear, or doubt. He almost has this one right. Negative feelings about yourself are result of depression, chatter in your head is OCD.  Similarly for both the resolution is to raise your serotonin levels.

Once this begins to occur, their is a positive schema shift, your outlook becomes more positive, hence positive thoughts will flow naturally.

Use logic, use cognitive reinterpretation finding a way to turn a negative thought into something positive. This one makes me chuckle. When you have a negative outlook due to depression, it is impossible to turn a negative thought into something positive and actually embrace this. Sure, on paper only, maybe.

Sometimes feelings that you perceive from your environment can be skewed by negative thinking on your part. By doing so, you can help keep destructive thoughts at bay.  So, now he is inferring some type of “magic” which is first the chicken or the egg.  When you are feeling lousy, everything s

Use Natural Supplements, they work

8 Natural supplements have been available for mood disorders like anxiety and depression for decades, yet it appears doctors do not believe in these. They immediately want to prescribe, Lexapro, zoloft, paxil etc. No medication is needed for mental health, learn the truth.

The organic change 

What is really important, is do not wait until you are feeling really bad. Recognize, the sooner your low serotonin level is addressed, the faster you can begin to feel better.  The idea behind natural treatments and remedies is prevention before treatment. When your serotonin is lacking consider using the essential vitamins/ minerals and include fish oil containing adequate levels of Omega 3 EPA and DHA. This can be found in Wellotonin

Fortunately, I can say when your brain gets the tools it needs, it can heal itself. This is why Wellotonin is a great supplement when you are suffering with a mood disorder. It has the essential B Vitamins, calcium, Magnesium and then you simply add your own Omega 3 EPA, and Omega 6 DHA of your choice.

Now, you brain has exactly what it needs to begin the synergy process – raising your serotonin naturally.

While Wellotonin is very healthy, you should always consult with your healthcare professional before using any supplement.

Many people turn to natural supplements for depression such as Wellotonin. They choose Wellotonin specifically, because of the great reviews, and there is no withdrawal, and no harmful side effects. Wellotonin is healthy and routinely improvement is experienced in 3-5 days.* 9. Do something new.

2 more misconceptions left

9 Boredom makes you more susceptible to depression, and learning new skills can help rebuild neural connections in the brain, ultimately helping to stabilize your mood controlling chemicals. Try learning a new language, or visiting the local museum. Boredom is part of depression, have no interest in anything. 

Maybe find a sunny place to lay and read a book. Dr. Cook says, “When we challenge ourselves to do something different, there are chemical changes in the brain.” Dopamine increases with learning new things, creating feelings of happiness and fulfillment. Many depressed people cannot focus or concentrate to read a book.

10 Keep a positive attitude and give yourself credit. Change always takes time, with patience flowers bloom! Try to have fun and make time for things you enjoy. That is just the stupidest thing I have every read. The depressed person’s mind always focuses on the negative. 

No more blog-fog

Here is the truth, with no blog-fog and unrealistic ideas. You are feeling badly because you have low serotonin. It is all your life events that have brought down your serotonin.  Unfortunately, you genetic predisposition is  depression.  You will only begin to feel better, once your serotonin levels begin to rise. Unless, that is going to happen naturally, you are in a no-win situation.

Your  only recourse is to push back by consuming the required vitamins/minerals and Omega 3. You must be in the pilot seat of your own brain chemistry. Make sure your brain gets what it needs to be able to heal itself.

The only product that has this ability, is Wellotonin.  It is still your responsibility to pair Wellotonin vitamin/mineral component with your choice of good quality Omega 3,6 EPA/DHA.

Wellotonin aims to help individuals combat depression with the aid of natural supplements, enriched with a unique vitamin formula. We understand the importance of being patient on the road to recovery.  Wellotonin vitamin/mineral supplement formula starts you on your path to emotional freedom.

Best, Sheila LMHC

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