Psychiatry nutrition this is a new term for many.  Evidently in the UK, this their new epiphany.  The idea that depression, anxiety, anger and other mental health symptoms and conditions could be all resolved by the use of food and the nutrients in them.

This came about after they have done research and studies on the current use of antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medications.  They have recognized besides being ineffective, they have severe side-effects especially when it comes t children and adolescents.

They have recognized these types of psychotropic medications, can lead to more severe issues including suicidal thoughts and actions. The UK always works to remain current and on the cutting edge when it comes to medicine.  This new epiphany had created the urgent need for research and development to study the evidence and results of instead of using medication for mental health, just use food and supplements.

This type of article brings me great joy and hope for this country.  Maybe it will take word of mouth, siphoned in from another country for USA to begin to accept this fact. Here in the USA, it is smoke and mirrors, and too many are wearing rose-colored glasses.

You are not to blame, because only with direct evidence does the truth begin to surface.

When it comes to mental health in the USA, there is a huge increase in people expressing feeling depressed, anxious, angry, OCD, insomnia is a huge problem in this country.  This is not unexpected with the levels of complexity, and time consumption that is stripped from everyone just to maintain stability.

Some believe all this technology, whether  it is your appliances or the computer processes, software and hardware is a positive.  Le’ts face it, for many of us, it is an up-climb on a mountain that does not seem to ever peak. There is the internal need to want to keep current with all the digital transformations, and for some there is essential need for their survival.

Humans can only take so much, and for some watching themselves fall deeper into the “abyss” becomes a progressive decline of their brain chemicals.  They begin to feel more hopeless, as they watch their world begin to crumble around them.  Even for those, that choose to remain distant from the technology, it still drags them in.

This alone creates more stress, and overflows to their children, employees, spouses and all dynamics in their lives. What is being left unsaid, is just how our unnecessary environmental strains are taking a toll on our entire functioning of our brains. Let’s face it, poor brain functioning is just another term for “mental health symptoms  and conditions”

What was thought to be mysteriously organic, is not anything of the sort. The person who experiences depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, mental clarity issues is the result of their own life events.  Again, this is a concept that most professionals have not made the connection. In past decades there may have been those that suffered with mental health issues, but the consumption of foods with nutrients and vitamins, led them on a daily course of rebounding back to a healthy homeostasis.

It is only in the recent decade, that mental health has become an epidemic, and one of the largest money earning industries. It is more than apparent that the tobacco companies were aware of the danger of smoking  and hundreds of thousands of deaths were the results.  Still, these companies continued to manufacture and sell cigarettes.  The income far outweighs the death toll, this becoming the foundation for that disgusting decision.

In the USA, you must see past the obvious, or  you perish a painful death, where you may rile out of pain yelling for mercy. There is an expression, it is what it is.  In the USA, it  aint what it is.  If you continue to keep those blinders, and not recognize you must be your own advocate, than at least look toward the actions and behaviors that are being taken by other countries.

They too are responsible for the people in their land, and their decisions when it comes to medications, foods, and chemicals is completely different  than the USA.  You have to ask yourself  Why?  Don’t just gullibly swallow up and believe every word  that comes from your psychiatrists mouth.  I don’t hate psychiatrists, I actually feel sorry for them.  They are just the puppets from the big puppeteers “big pharma”

You can either believe me, or recognize other countries, do not allow what we do here.  Now, sit back, relax, if you can, focus if you still know how to do that, concentrate if your brain is still able, and ask yourself  “Why?”  I care about you, and this is why, I have gone to these lengths, and continue to find new avenues to break through your walls of skepticsm or just disbelief.

This theory may be new for UK, but as a Licensed Psychotherapist I have already discovered this “holy grail.” For the last 10 years,  my clients and my customers have been able to recognize just “why” they do not feel mentally well, and have been able to remedy this by the correct balance of vitamins/ minerals and Omega 3, 6.

The studies were done by me and my clients, who were receptive, and desperate. They wanted to be done suffering and feeling like crap.  They trusted me and my theory, and now they can smile and enjoy their lives again.  My words seem not to travel far enough.  It is evident some enjoy suffering, or they would have tried Wellotonin.

It is just that simple.


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