5 Natural To Enhance Your Mood

Inhale… Exhale. Take a Breath!

Often, people take all types of supplements for anxiety, anti -anxiety pills, or other types of natural mood enhancers when dealing with mood disorders. Instead, focusing on your breathing is a cornerstone technique of many different relaxation techniques, and should be the first technique that you acquire. Yoga, meditation, and even giving birth require breathing to relax the mind and spirit. Many doctors of alternative medicine recommend breathing! Dr. Andrew Weil, in his bestselling 2011 book Spontaneous Happiness, introduced a classic yoga breathing technique he calls the 4-7-8 breath.

Uses Wellotonin

The fish oils found in Wellotonin can helping with anxiety and can help with the protecting against depression. A recent study showed students who took mixed Omega fatty acids daily had less anxiety taking an exam than students who took the placebo. Omega acids are an excellent natural remedy for all types of mood disorders. An easy way to get all the vitamins you need, plus the Omegas, is by taking the active ingredients found in the Wellotonin Nutritional Supplement Formula. They include B- Vitamins, calcium, Magnesium and Omega 3 EPA, and Omega 6 DHA, all of which are necessary to raise your serotonin levels and give your brain the nutrients it lacks.

Don’t push yourself too hard during exercise, do whatever your body allows you to, and be compassionate with yourself. Change takes time!

Food is the Answer

I asked a good friend, a therapist, about his solutions for anxiety. A natural anxiety treatment is food! “Usually, people get more anxious when they are hungry, especially when they lack carbohydrates and complex sugars.” Ramsey, coauthor of The Happiness Diet” says that the best thing to do is to eat something with sugars or protein. “…a handful of walnuts because it contains vitamin B- Biotin, or a piece pf dark chocolate, is a mood lifter because it contains tryptophan which is another element that releases some serotonin. along with a glass of water or a nice cup of hot tea… is a quick sustaining snack.” To be anxiety free in the long term, however, diet is the key. By eating whole – foods, plant based diets with organic meats and seafood, leafy greens like kale lots of B- vitamins, vitamin B2; and a good source of iron, magnesium vitamin B1, omega-3 fats, phosphorus, protein, folate, and vitamin B3.and other phytonutrients, can help reduce your anxiety. Ultimately, repetition and commitment is crucial to any commitment, including dieting on better foods, which can be great natural mood enhancers.

Turn up the Temperature

A great natural remedy for depression, anxiety, and sickness is spending time in a sauna or steam room. Not only does it release muscular tension, but research shows that sensations of warmth can alter your parts in your brain controlling mood, including serotonin, a natural mood enhancer. Warmth is why exercise and a warm cup of tea makes us relax! Research finds that spending time in the warmth can stimulate relaxation. Island vacation, anyone?

No wonder all things relaxing are warm, like the beach, spas, saunas and jacuzzi, campfires, and much more. Maybe over time we learned to associate warmth with safety, it is a great evolutionary advantage.

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Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation is a technique of meditation that can be highly effective natural anxiety treatment. It was originally a Buddhist practice but has become more commonly used in mainstream therapy. This type of meditation is also a great natural cure for depression. The essence of mindful meditation is to focus on the here and now, rather than what will happen in the future. Most of our lives we spend worrying and preparing for our future, but the present is always fleeting! Spending time in the present can help you reflect on your personal development and is a great natural remedy for anxiety and other mood disorders.

According to a therapist, you can start by simply paying attention to the present moment through the eyes of a child. Consider everything with curiosity and non-judgmental intention. These are the first steps to seeking natural treatments for anxiety and natural remedies for depression.

Young or old, man or woman, chronic or acute anxiety can take a toll on your social and professional life by affecting your self-esteem, confidence, focus and discipline. Regardless of the source of your affliction, anxiety has a tendency of spiraling out of control if appropriate measures aren’t taken to contain it on time.

Wellotonin addresses the root of the problem by including excellent Omega acids in its vitamin-rich natural treatment for anxiety patients.

While this isn’t a permanent cure, it is tried-and-tested medication used to raise serotonin levels in your brain—suitable for all types of mood disorders.

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