Fight Anxiety – No Medication Needed

It is about time, people recognize that changes are essential, and medication should not be your first answer to fighting your anxiety. I have the clinical evidence that when it comes to Anxiety- No medication needed. Forget the argument that medication is expensive, it does not really matter. Even if we could get it at 1 cent it is still not the choice that you should be making.

Is it not true, that before you fix a car, you find out what is wrong, you don’t just throw things at it. This is the same with Mental Health. I ask you, have you yet to hear any doctor besides that Dr. Amel guy who wants to scan your brain, explain “why” you are feeling anxious. Has any professional ever given you a detailed explanation for your condition.

If your car was not operating properly, would you just change out the engine, or start  throwing fluids at it, before you knew actually the reason it was making that “unbearable clanking noise.” If you say “Yes”, please stop reading this post right now.  I want you to walk over to the nearest wall, and bang your head repeatedly. It is evident that your brains have shaken loose.

You don’t just throw fluids at your car, and you don’t just throw pills down your throat, because that is the “pill” of 2018.  I have yet to hear about a medication that comes without any side-effects. What about following the health ideal to implement the “lowest level of care first.” If you care about yourself, why would you choose something with potential side-effects sometimes mild to those that can be severe.

What about Natural Supplements

Unfortunately, supplements also come in a range of qualities, and usually the fillers and flow -agents are the tell tail sign the actual quality of supplement you are purchasing.  to be realistic, there are plenty of good supplements and bad ones out there. Case in point, When it comes to Omega products, the front label can be so misleading on many of the product.  One the front label it may say, 1000mg Omega 3, but is it true.  The key is to turn the bottle to the back and see actually the EPA is far less. It appears even some buyers at “Wholefoods” may even be unaware. I hope it is unawareness and not something else. It is important before you dismiss the effectiveness of any supplement, it is essential to know exactly what you are purchasing.

Creeps everywhere

Just like everything else in this world, there are those miscreants looking to make a quick buck. Their strategy is most people do not know what they are buying, and then they can’t spare the time to return it. The truth is just like people, when it comes to supplements there are also many, good and  bad.

This day and age it is unfortunately that unless you buy and eat organic fruits and vegetables, who knows how the packing chemicals – i.e. check out orange bags, or the hormones, pesticides affect our body organs and processes.  It appears there are so many are even thought to be hormone interrupters.  Probably the best chance you have of getting the nutrients your brain needs is from the organic fruits and vegetables. Even with organic, I am not sure, since I grew tomatoes in Organic soil, and they were not good until I added some nitrogen. It is still the best choice to choose organic over fruits and vegetables that we know are sprayed and sit in that poison.

This leaves our only option to get the missing nutrients from supplements. When it comes to anxiety, what exact nutrients are we supposed to be consuming? Is it a pineapple, a pepper, an eggplant, or a tomatoe. It is not like this, we need to have the nutrients that provide our brains what it needs to heal itself.  When I say heal itself, I mean to provide the brain exactly what will keep it maintaining the adequate levels of serotonin.. It is important to know that only people with a genetic predisposition for anxiety, will ever actually experience anxiety.

Since 1986, supplements were classified int the category of CAD o – complementary and alternative medicine. Let me educate the ignorant.  I will say it is quite exasperating hear every day someone ask if Wellotonin is FDA approved.  This is the reality, supplements whether they want to or not are categorized as food. With this classification, it means no trials or testing is required. It however, does not mean that supplements are inferior to medication in any way. Case in point, I just read a story posted about Colloidal silver not being effective for anything, according to the FDA.

Silver Rules

I personally know this is not true. In contrast, colloidal silver is so effective, that some party must have their undies all twisted. I am willing to scream it from the roofs. I have used silver for years. It is the only thing I have found helps make the misquito bites stop itching in just 20 minutes.  What is really great, not only does the itch stop the actual bite disappears. Now, here is no need for anything else, which definitely includes that brownish pink stuff we have all probably at one time were told to use as a child.

Besides silver being the best for bites, it is wonderful for skin breakouts.  I don’t know about severe cases of acne, but for those with the unexpected breakout, silver on the skin is gentle, it leaves no scarring, and there is no redness or dry skin and blemishes heal quickly.

What about our pets?

When it comes to silver, it was the anti-biotic before big pharma. I have used silver with my dog for years. I have sprayed it in her mouth for her breath, and used it on her skin for hot spots and skin sores. The best of all, is she can lick it and be fine because it is not toxic.

So, people be choosy about what you read. I have learned there is a huge undercurrent and underbelly in this country. The level of personal hidden agenda would blow your mind. It seems more than evident, when anything natural is effective, they want to find a way to crush it.

Is it Really Anxiety?

Back to Anxiety, anxiety is simple, and I wish people will learn about the reason that it is experiences. Immediately, the person talks about feeling anxious, but not about the life events.  Listen people, nothing in your life is suspended animation. Everything is attached to something.  If you are feeling anxious, which in so many cases the word anxiety is just thrown around, and it is not even anxiety.  It is angst. Anxiety is actually a clinical term, that is used wrong 90% of the timel. That alone is very disturbing to a clinician like myself.  You are not anxious, you are afraid, fearful, nervous, apprehensive, but just like every one had celiac disease 2 years ago, the word anxiety provides some type of “false pride” or you get to be a member of some type of big club.

True anxiety is about low serotonin.  How did it get too low, this would be 2 ways, one too many negative life events, and 2, our food can no longer, repair what these events are doing to us. 3 Like I said earlier, you first have to have “anxiety” in your family wheelhouse.

Supplements are being used for all types of health issues. There is nothing wrong with using Condroitin for muscles, or B vitamins for nails, hair and skin. As for the eyes, vitamins and nutrients like Lupein, and Vitamin A and even the one that begins with the X are all being used.  What they don’t know is genuine melatonin is the real answer, burt when will they ever listen.

Most people have used Vitamin C, and doctors are now prescribing Vit D for their patients. Thank goodness they have bought at least one Vowel, well actually consonant, but you get the drift.

When it comes to herbal ideas for anxiety, you need to be careful.  Many of the herbs can interact with medication. We need not to forget about ST Johnwart.  This herb could be not a good choice for those who are taking certain required medications.

Every bottle says, you should consult with your healthcare professional. the big problem here, is you have seen a primarey or psychiatrist about your anxiety, and now you are asking him if supplements or herbs are okay to use.  This is like asking an orthopedist if you should see a chiropractor. 99% of them think the chiropractor is just a quack.

Case in point, I am the maker of Wellotonin, Nutritional Supplement formula, and now I am re-writing all the blogs on my website to say what I think they should say.  I allowed others to write, because I was too busy with sales.  Now, even with the sales, I need to right the wrongs and the inane and just the tentative ideas written on my website, because none of it is my beliefs.

It may be fine for some people to tippy-toe, but I am not one of those people. I say what I mean and I have the clinical evidence to back it all up.  Back to my next example.  Aftergiving a sample of Wellotonin to a friend who suffers from anxiety and depression, he tried it for 5 days.  After 5 days, he had already felt a large improvement in how he was feeling, and  thinking and had more motivation. He felt far less anxious, and it had only been 5 days adn  he was on  medication already.  He was so excited, and could not wait to tell his doctor that he wanted to switch to Wellotonin and wean off of the anti-depressant he had been on for a long, long, long, time.

So, he went to his psychiatrist, and showed him my product Wellotonin, and he told his doctor that he was starting to feel really much better and wanted to wean off the medication and use Wellotonin.  The next part, I would have just slapped the doctor in the face and walked out.  Most people do not understand they need to be their own advocates and recognize that the doctor does not have your best interest. Instead  he has his own best interest.  He is interested in you coming in every month, and billing this, and prescribing and getting a bonus for all the scripts he writes or something like that. These extras change from year to year, but you get what I am saying.

Let’ review again. My friend was on medication for years and still was not feeling well mentally. He was very anxious, depressed, and did not have the mental motivation or interest to do much.  He tried Wellotonin for 5 days, and felt so much better.  He now tells his doctor that he wants to wean off his medication, which he can use the Wellotonin while doing this, and the doctor says to him, NO I DON’T THINK THAT IS A GOOD IDEA, YOU NEED TO REMAIN TAKING THE MEDICATION.  This is the underbelly, of this country.

Seriously, would someone please explain this to me.  Unfortunately, my friend still thinks the doctor has his best interest, he actually listened to his doctor. If it was me, I would have given him such a smack accross the face and never went back to that office again.

For all of you out there, that think the medical community is going to be in synch with you wanting to use natural resources and remedies, I suggest, you stop reading now, get up and bang your head against the wall, until you brain falls back into place.

I am glad to say there is a transition happening, thank goodness and more people than before are turning to the idea of natural products. I think for some it is a learned behavior and it comes to them more naturally.  For me, no medication is getting down my throat unless I am that sick. I am only talking about anti-biotics.

When it comes to anxiety, first have to understand it, Wellotonin is the answer to the understanding of why and how anxiety is plaguing someone. Not only are there over 2000+ Wellotonians, it has the clinical evidence of how good it truly has been.  With a product like Wellotonin, there is no withdrawal, you can not say that about XANAX, there are no side-effects and it is safe for even children.  Please consult a healthcare professional first, my suggestion, make sure it is not a MD. Wellotonin is not forever, because anxiety and other mood issues do not have to be forever. I know you probably think differently, that is because of what we hear and see.

There are no bad adverse reactions, on the contrary the ingredients are just so healthy for your body.  One person made the effort just to tell me, Sheila LMHC the maker of Wellotonin, that not only was she feeling more calm adn sleeping better, but her cracked nails were healing.  Wellotonin Vitamin component contains just healthy ingredients, and combined with a good quality Omega 3, 6, it can make the real different, of you being and wanting to smile again.

Order Wellotonin Today!

Nutritional Supplement Formula that promotes optimum Mental Wellness. Previously only available to clients.

These are quite a large variety of vitamins and nutrients which you have to keep track of, so it is much easier to have a natural supplement that includes all these ingredients. The Wellotonin Nutritional Supplement Formula contains B- Vitamins, calcium, Magnesium and you just have to add your own Omega 3 EPA, and Omega 6 DHA. Once that synergy process begins, stand back it is a real game -changer.

Wellotonin does not have ingredients that you cannot pronounce, or can cause damage to your liver. This is not the same for medications that their is speculation they can damage your liver over time.  Whether it is true or now, maybe you can drive with a Patch over both eyes, or maybe not, do you want to risk it and find out?

The best choice is Wellotonin. It is has been a real game changer.  I will leave you with  this for this post,

Take care of yourself, be your own advocate, things are not always what they seem,

Best, Sheila   – Read this post and want to buy Wellotonin, and save 20%

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Natural Herbs

Natural herbs for anxiety like Chamomile, green tea, and lemon balm have been used for health reasons. I alwasys use Chamomile tea to help with stomach pain, and green tea is documented to have great anti-oxidant qualities.  Some people have indicated that Lavender is very calming.

L-theanine is been a word we hear about calmness, but again no real evidence.

I might be, I personally do not like that scent.  I have eaten chocolate, which has so many elements, over 200 actually, and feel very calm. green tea has an amino acid called L- theanine that help slow down a rising heart rate and lower blood pressure. I have taken it hoping I would not have to continue using blood pressure medication, but the numbers were  not that good.

Probiotics for Health

I am not disputing probiotics don’t have a place, they do. It is so important for the body to remain at the correct PH level, or who knows what you will begin growing inside. There are those, that indicated that a bacterial overgrowth in your gut, may be the catalyst for a host of emotional issues.  There may be those cases as well, but I challenge that is not the majority of the foundation for all the anxiety and mood symptoms being seen in this country now.

Am I denying that serotonin the neurotransmitter that affects how we think, feel and act begins in the gut, nope. Do I really care? This is probably true, becasue when we consume the capsules in Wellotonin or consume a piece of fish, or potatoes or anything, it goes into our gut. It does not remain there, and as long as the good stuff gets to our brains, that is all that is important




“All these elements work in synergy in the brain, first they create L-Tryptophan (your own) —> then 5HTP (your own) —> and then Serotonin (your own) —> Melatonin (your own) Serotonin affects how you think and feel and Melatonin helps you sleep more soundly and so much more. “Through increasing your levels of Serotonin and Melatonin, research shows you can manage and heal many different illnesses.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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    • HI, thank you, Vitamins, minerals and Omega 3, 6,are essential for good mental health, B vitamins are so important
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