Why and How I Developed Wellotonin…

Sheila M. Cooperman LMHC, Creator of Patented Wellotonin Nutritional Supplement Formula

Wellotonin was previewed at Shark Tank Auditions in 2015, Stay Tuned….

Every Day I am asked the benefits of Wellotonin.

“How does Wellotonin work? 

“How I created Wellotonin?

When your brain is given the nutrients it is lacking, it can heal itself.

It needs the B-vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium and Omega 3, 6, to function at its optimum. 

Wellotonin’s active ingredients are the correct combination,  the correct combination of these nutrients that work in synergy in your brain and raise your serotonin.  

This is essential, since mental health symptoms and problems result from your serotonin falling so low it triggers your genetic predisposition. 

Wellotonin works like this: All the active ingredients first create your own (genuine) L-tryptophan  –> own-(genuine) 5HTP  –> own (genuine) Serotonin –> own (genuine) Melatonin. This is why Wellotonians sleep well. They have plenty of Melatonin.

In stead of being the only one to benefit and “feel great”

As you use Wellotonin and your brain is being replenished daily with these nutrients, life seems sweeter and easier. Your moods stabilize, you sleep better, you can focus better, you can easily organize, prioritize, become more productive, and experience better mental clarity. Your mind quiets down and every day you get a little closer to your mental optimum functioning. 

This is what I experienced and why 5 years ago, I decided to share the Wellotonin formula with my clients. 

In 2016 Wellotonin became available to everyone. Now To date over 1000+ clients and customers have experienced these benefits and feel the same way.  They love Wellotonin. It is just that simple.  

I make sure, I only use the best quality vitamin sources. Wellotonin is manufactured in the USA. Wellotonin is safe for children, pregnant women and even nursing moms. Even my inactive ingredients are healthier than the majority of supplement products sold. Still, it is always recommended you first consult with your healthcare professional with any supplement.

How Did I Create Wellotonin?

In my eyes the pharmaceutical companies have failed mental health for decades. They keep making medications that do not cure anyone, from their mental health issues, they just numb and put a big bandaid on it, which needs to remain there for the rest of their lives.

No one taking medication that I know of has ever been cured of their depression, anxiety, ocd, anger, stress, panic attacks.

Why, the medical world is clueless about the foundation of these conditions.

They have never figured out the connection that all mental health symptoms covering the spectrum from stress all the way to suicide ideation are caused by low serotonin falling so low it triggers the genetic predisposition.

They have never figured out how to raise the serotonin, without causing all kinds of adverse side-effects.

They don’t have anything that actually works, and you feel better permanently. Sure, they have plenty of psych medications that you can try that may temporarily cover up the symptoms, but once you stop, it all comes back.

What about all the potential adverse side-effects that are included on their own pamphlets. In my eyes, these medications are just a big waste of time and scary. I would stay far away from anything that can create electric zaps because you missed a few doses or just decided to stop.

Maybe I could understand if there was nothing else better to use, but now there is Wellotonin. 

The benefits of Wellotonin, so many people are now feeling better, and Wellotonin does not create any adverse side-effects, they are not in a fog, or zone or experiencing crashing or unknown personality traits. They can genuinely participate in their own lives.  

They are becoming better parents, spouses, friends, co-workers, bosses and love themselves more. 

The USA continues to have even more mental health issues in this country than any other country. It is becoming an epidemic.

Ever ask yourself Why?

So, how was a licensed psychotherapist able to create a product, that translates to she is probably smarter than all of the pharmaceutical companies combined.   

Simple, I had no other choice.  

They say,  “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” 

This is the god’s honest truth when it came to me and my  Nutritional Supplement Formula – Wellotonin. 

Story time:

Suddenly, In 2007, I began experiencing something, I had never before in my life. “self-injuring” thoughts, known clinically as “intrusive thoughts.” My mind became my worst assailant, all day torturing me, commanding and demanding I carry out vile, self-destructive behaviors. 

For months, I would never allow anyone in my car. I experienced thoughts about stabbing myself, with a knife, driving into walls, drink laundry detergent and even to push my hand in the running garbage disposal. 

I was living a nightmare, since these thoughts just never stopped. Maybe some of you can relate.  

In addition, my anger was over-the-top; the smallest thing could make me explode.  

My life had no quality.  

I wondered when my secret was going to be divulged, I knew these thoughts were “psychotic” and the protocol was “anti-psychotic” medications. 

That was never an option.   

Every day, dealing with obsessive commanding destructive thoughts wears you down, and makes you hate to even wake up. Every new day is just another repeat of listening to how to destroy yourself. 

There was one thought that was scary and worse than the rest. For me, it was the turning point, I either find a way to get better, and make all the thoughts “stop” or I have to “stop” living. 

Today, I am here, and my mind has been absent of “self-injuring” thoughts since 2009. Actually, my mind is completely quiet all the time and my anger issues are now managed.  

Sure, there are days that I do get angry, but not to the degree I did before. Actually, I am far less reactive, and so much just bounces right off me.

With Wellotonin, emotionally and Mentally, I have become a super-hero. 

I am  sure you want to know exactly how I knew what to do.

First, I needed to have data on my days. so, I did just that. I kept a journal of all the daily events, and the symptoms that I was experiencing. 

Eventually I began to see a pattern:  The good days where life seemed to go okay, my symptoms were reduced. 

One the bad days, where life just had more fires to extinguish, my symptoms were worse. 

Since as a therapist, I was already aware that the brain chemical Serotonin affected how we think, feel and act, I recognized:

On the good days my Serotonin was higher and my symptoms were reduced.  

On the bad days, my Serotonin had been lowered, and the symptoms were increased. 

This journal was filled every day with every event in my life. I included all symptoms and commands my mind was telling me daily.  

While this occurred, I kept resisting being compliant to any of the destructive commands.  It was not easy.

The medications were all about increasing the serotonin. They must have known something, but not enough.

There it was staring me right in the face. Our life events were continually affecting our serotonin, even the smallest minutiae was having an effect on how we were thinking and feeling.

Now everything began to make perfect sense, about why I had begun to experience the “self-injuring” thoughts in the first place.

In 2006, I was attacked by my cousin’s Rottweiler, and lost the use of my primary left hand. I was hospitalized for medical complications and after discharge I had to endure painful occupational therapy, to regain any use of my hand again.

After six months came my ultimate reality that I would never write more than a few words, no longer had any fine motor skills, even using utensils became so difficult and no rings could be worn.

In addition, the family relationship was severed completely.

For months there was nothing positive in my life.   

What I did not know was my serotonin was on a crash path. It fell so low, it triggered my genetic predisposition for my OCD and Anger.

What I also did not know then, is when OCD becomes very severe for some people it will manifest itself into “self-injuring” thoughts. This is what was happening to me. 

To feel better, I had to find a way to raise it. I had to become as happy as I could. First, clean house and get rid of all the clutter and people in my life that caused me grief.  

Start doing things that made me happy, ie. eating foods that I liked. Spending time doing things I liked.  This helped a little, but not enough.

So, I had the answer, but did not know what to do with it. for a long time.  

2008, a client changed all of this. She indicated when she consumed the same diet while living in Italy, she felt so much better.  When she ate fruits and vegetables she no longer was feeling depressed, or anxious.  Here, it just did not seem to make a difference.

To me, it was the answer I had been looking for.  It was all about the food.  I already knew the chemicals and over-processing could not be good for us, but I had no idea how bad it truly was.  The reality was we were losing all the real nutrients from our produce.

Using my nutrition education from my undergrad, I was determined to find what our brains needed to restore our mental health.

It would be many failures before I got it correct.  That day was my rebirth.  I could not believe it, but finally the “self-injuring” thoughts were going away.  I continued to use my formula which I would later patent and call Wellotonin every day.  With every day, I began feeling a little better, lighter, happier, anger left my body, and life was good.

So, that is how I made Wellotonin.  I have been a wellotonian for a long time. Like me customers and clients we find it gives us also more focus and drive, motivation, less procrastination, and we sleep so well.

Fast forward: I eventually shared my Wellotonin formula with clients that were severely depressed, anxious, angry, ADD, and sleep issues.  All the clients that used it correctly saw positive results.

I also had an outside demand from other people who were not my clients, so I had to manufacture it.

Now, since the beginning of 2016 it is available to everyone. Already 1000+ have become Wellotonians and experienced the improvements.  Now it is your turn.  It is just that simple.  

Wellotonin’s active ingredients are the nutrients the brain needs to function at its optimum. It is simply all the Vitamin B that is in the “old B- complex”  This means there is no Inositol, PABA or Choline Bitartrate. These elements are now found in the new B- Complex. 

The B vitamins in Wellotonin Nutritional Supplement Formula are:

B1- Thiamin, B2-Riboflavin, B3- (Niacinamide) B9 -Folic Acid, B5-Pantothenic Acid, B7-Biotin, B6-Pyridoxine, and B12-Cynocabalamin.

The minerals are Calcium Citrate and Magnesium Citrate and the Omega softgels contain Omega 3 EPA and Omega 6 DHA.

The inactive ingredient in Wellotonin vitamin/mineral component is rice flour. 

Wellotonin is a proprietary blend, which is a customized formula and manufactured at a Private Label Supplement Company which holds a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) status by the FDA has been in business over 20 years and is located in the state of Florida.  

The Omega 3 component is manufactured in a very large Private Label company located New York  and bottled in Florida at the same Facility as the vitamin/mineral component. 

I have been using the Wellotonin formula with my counseling clients for over 5 years. These clients have ranged from  7 – 80 years old.  There have been amazing results.

Before Wellotonin formula is provided to my clients, they are first assessed for their level of mental health functioning using the BDI.  (Beck Depression Inventory).  This inventory was developed in 1961.  The BDI provides 16 categories that are scored, by the self-report of the client. The BDI indicates whether the client is mildly depressed, moderately depressed, severely depressed, or just experiencing every day ups and downs.

Every client that used my Wellotonin formula first voluntarily answered these questions. They continued to answer the same questions for the next three weeks, once they began using Wellotonin.

The clinical evidence clearly indicated there was a huge improvement with all the clients that used Wellotonin providing they did not partake in using alcohol or any other recreational substances.

 For those clients that came in severely depressed, Wellotonin slowly yet progressively restored them back to good mental health.  For some this occurred in just a few weeks.

For those that came in with severe OCD behaviors, Wellotonin corrected these as well.  For those that came to my office with addiction to drugs that presented with cravings, or pre-occupation, or obsessive thoughts to use drugs, Wellotonin corrected this as well.  

Because Wellotonin worked so well, I received many phone calls from individuals referred to me from all over the country, friends and family members of my clients.  They wanted to also benefit from the Wellotonin formula just as their friends and family had before.  

Since I held a clinical license, I only felt comfortable, providing Wellotonin to my clients.  

It was then, when it was suggested, I find a way to manufacture my Wellotonin and share it with everyone.  

Clearly, I wanted everyone to benefit just as I had and over 500 of my counseling clients.  

I began the process in 2013, and it was completed by the end of 2015.  It was not easy, but it was worth it, if it would help people rejoin their lives and be happy.  

Now, Wellotonin is available to everyone.  Wellotonin  is not magic, it just provides the brain the nutrients it has been lacking, and your brain does the rest. 

It is just that simple.