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Are You Angry!?

Feeling Angry is the mood disorder that most don’t know exists. However, just like depression, anxiety and OCD it all about low serotonin. In contrast, some people feel symptoms from depression, anxiety, OCD, and others just begin to feel stress, agitation, or frustration. This is the mild form of anger.

Again, it is just a “temporary chemical imbalance” that can easily be restored, with the natural raising of their serotonin levels.  Just like other mood disorders anger too will increase and become more severe, as the serotonin level continues to plummet. When someone is feeling “road rage” that is low serotonin too.

Naturally, the angry person is feeling this way, because all their negative life events, continue to lower their serotonin, and this anger can pour over into all aspects of their lives and begin to ruin them.

Unfortunately in our society they don’t accept anger, as easily as they accept depression, anxiety and OCD.

It is esential you get this under control. Therefore to feel calm again, and less reactive you have to raise your Serotonin.

Finally there is a safe, natural way to give your brain the tools it needs to raise the serotonin and heal itself. These are all the B- Vitamins,  calcium, Magnesium and Omega 3 EPA, and Omega 6 DHA.

Wellotonin Patented, Nutritional Supplement Formula – contains 1 of the 2 essential components to naturally raise your serotonin.

Simply use Wellotonin vitamin/mineral capsules  and add a good quality Omega 3, 6 EPA, DHA supplement approx 500 mg, and you will active the synergy process in the brain.

Stand back and soak in the happiness. 

It is just that simple.

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