Are You Right For Me? All About Happy Relationships

By Sheila M Cooperman, Licensed Psychotherapist Happy New Year! 2020 just by the number and what is going on in the world, is evidence that this year will be historic. As a new year begins, we tend to review some of our current decisions. We recognize there are necessary changes that may need to be … Read more

Bullying, How You Can Save The Victim’s Life


Bullying,  How To Save The Victim’s Life By Sheila M Cooperman, Licensed Psychotherapist Once again, I am trying to address a very serious issue, where our society just does not get it. Bullying has been going on forever, but now it has become the impetus for so many children taking their own lives. Sometimes children … Read more

Nail – biter? You have OCD

  Nail-biting you have OCD. Maybe this is something that no one has ever told you; it is true.  If your nails don’t look like this, but instead they are chewed up, sometimes to the quick, you have OCD. Let’s learn why this is the case and how easy you can stop a habit that … Read more

Mental Health Issues – The Facts NOT Fiction

Mental Health Issues  – The entire subject of seems to boggle the mind for so many. They are fine, until they are not fine. This transition may begin from childhood or adolescence or even later. It seems never to be questioned, “why” these mental health issues and symptoms have now presented. The main focus is usually just to make them go away. But, … Read more

Mood Disorder Symptoms Gone with Vitamins – Raise Serotonin

Image of Fruits and Vegetables leafy vegetables, onions, garlic,, red fruits, strawberries, blueberries, lemons, oranges, nuts

Mood Disorder Symptoms and Nutrition Mood disorder symptoms and mental health conditions seem to be problematic for many other countries as well. It appears that England has become more progressive in their research for natural remedies about mental health in their country.  They have begun to recognize, the direct correlation between food, vitamins, minerals and … Read more

Thanksgiving Can Be Stressless

Image of a long table with many settings for dinner

Thanksgiving  Hacks, By Sheila M. Cooperman Lic. Psychotherapist Thanksgiving is almost here; it is right around the corner. Soon, you will have to figure out who to invite and what food to cook. Let’s not forget the importance of timing, how all the preparations and food need to all come together. This alone can be … Read more

Gun Control, The Real Issue IS Mood Disorder: Anger – “THE DESIRE TO KILL”

I live in Boca Raton, right next to Parkland and they just don’t get it. Gun Control is just a tiny piece of this problem. Why doesn’t anyone recognize, that guns are not the only way to kill. The real issue is the “DESIRE TO KILL”.  This seems to be a “concept” that alludes everyone, … Read more