Noisy Minds and No Sleep

  Finally these Mental Health Symptoms Can Be Conquered!

Probably most people think a healthy mind is a noisy mind with thoughts constantly running through it all day.  In   contrast a person  who is experiencing thoughts continually catapulting in their head is actually suffering symptoms   of OCD. It is not a just a  “rite of passage” of being an adult, but it will prevent you from getting sleep.

Because you are experiencing these continual racing thoughts aka noisy mind it is probably interfering with you   ability to learn, concentrate and most likely is having an effect on your level of productivity and of course sleep.   First of all, it is like watching TV and trying to have a conversation at the same time. Which is really impossible to   do. In addition, when you go through the entire day listening to running thoughts in your mind, it can become   mentally exhausting. Almost like you can never get a break. Furthermore for some people these thoughts never stop, even when they want to go to sleep. Which in turn, makes it impossible to get a good night sleep.  Sleep is probably one of the most important aspects of good healthy functioning for everyone.

Sometimes these thoughts may contain instructions to “hurt” yourself. Unfortunately at times, these thoughts can become very loud and constant. These are punishing thoughts that can lead to “self-destructive” or “self-injuring” behaviors. As a result, you continually re-think and beat yourself up with these thoughts. These self-destructive behaviors, at times can be mild as nail biting, or skin picking  or severe as “cutting” you skin or pulling out all your hair.


Furthermore, other obsessive thoughts may be even directives for behaviors like cleaning, counting, rituals, checking, or organizing. hoarding etc. Your brain just will not let go.

All the above are symptoms of OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which can eventually begin as your serotonin falls to a certain level, and these symptoms can become more severe, as it continues to fall lower. This is all a result of the lower Serotonin now triggering your genetic predisposition for OCD.

Now for your symptoms to begin bothering you less, you must raise the level of serotonin.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to experience only positive events, so the next best idea is providing your brain with the tools to heal itself. This is easily accomplished by providing your brain the necessary nutrients. These nutrients are all found in Wellotonin.  B- Vitamins, calcium, Magnesium and  you add your choice of Omega 3 EPA, and Omega 6.

When your serotonin is at a good level, the obsessive thoughts just stop. Not only that, your mind quiets down and you can be more productive.

The bonus is Melatonin, which is the brains way of knowing daytime from nighttime is also increased.  This is due to Melatonin being a derivative of Serotonin. In the end, enjoy sleeping soundly.

It is just that simple!

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