Depression – Temporary Chemical Imbalance

 Depression has many dynamics

You may be experiencing mild Depression at first, however with every additional negative life event your serotonin level falls a little lower. That translates to your mental health symptoms becoming more severe.

From a very young age, your serotonin may have been falling lower as you experienced childhood traumas. When it fell too low, it triggered your genetic predisposition. As a result most of your life, you have been feeling unhappy, sad, and worthless. Actually, it feels like you just can’t seem to climb out of this trench.

Or you may have recently just started accumulating too many negative life events, and your Serotonin has been falling lower and eventually, triggering your genetic predisposition of depression.

Either way, to begin feeling better, you must raise your Serotonin.

Since it is impossible to reverse time and undo all our upsetting life events, raising your serotonin is your only option. Above all, your brain needs nutrients to be able to heal itself. Finally, your brain is lacking the necessary nutrients – B- Vitamins, calcium, Magnesium and Omega 3 EPA, and Omega 6 DHA.

These are the active ingredients found in the Patented Wellotonin Vitamin/Minerals Component 

It is just that simple.

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