Why Mood Disorders Symptoms?

   Simply defined, these are mental health problems and issues that surface and interfere with your daily healthy functioning. 

These can be: 

feeling empty
suicidal at extreme conditions
difficulty sleeping
crying a lot
feeling like a failure
self-worth issues
negative self-impression

Every event in your life either brings your serotonin up, or down. i.e. seeing a puppy brings it up, sitting in traffic brings it down. Eating your favorite food brings it up, and seeing a huge electric bill brings it down. (these examples are just to demonstrate)

 It is a continual role of the dice. This continues all day, and for some their lives have many good events, so they maintain feeling good. For others, their lives have far more negative events, and their serotonin eventually just becomes too low. This eventually triggers their genetic predisposition, and they  begin to experience mood disorder symptoms, and eventually a full-blow out mental health condition.  

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ex. The iceberg represents your genetic disposition, and the sky is your birth. Your serotonin can keep falling lower and lower and you will be fine, until you fall so low, that you hit the peak of that iceberg. Once that occurs, you will then begin to experience mood symptoms. As the serotonin continues to fall lower, your symptoms will get more severe.  

That is all there is too it. So, you may be wondering why so many millions of people are now suffering with mental health issues. 

Again this is simple. The serotonin has always acted the same way, but people when feeling badly used to be able to rebound with the vitamins, minerals they gleamed from food. 

Their brains got nourished and began to heal itself.  

Sadly, that is no longer true, because unfortunately our fruits and vegetables are full of chemicals and food is compromised. This leaves your brain starving for nutrients.   

That is exactly what I have included in Wellotonin. It contains the required vitamins, minerals that you need to feel good, but are not getting. The elements work in synergy to first create your own genuine, L-tryptophan, and your own 5-HTP, and your own genuine serotonin. 

Mood disorder symptoms include stress, feeling overwhelmed, body image issues, sadness, negative outlook, crying, can slowly become more severe and eventually blown-out mood disorders.

What many do not recognize lack of focus, difficulty organizing, concentration or low productivity, and insomnia also fall into this category.   

Once again, the foundation is because your Serotonin is too low. 

3 pieces come together to create the perfect storm.

The accumulation of negative life events. (piece 1)

The genetic predisposition for depression, anxiety, Obsessive behaviors and thoughts, and anger. (piece 2)

Insufficient necessary vitamins, minerals and Omega 3, 6. (piece 3) 

When these three come together you begin to experience mood disorder symptoms, and eventually a blown-out mental health condition.  

This is why I created Wellotonin. It includes the necessary B- Vitamins, Calcium and Magnesium. 
 You add your own favorite, Omega 3, 6.

            It is just that simple.                 

I have done all the heavy lifting, making it simple by blending these exact ingredients together for you. 
Just combine Wellotonin with your choice of good quality Omega 3, 6, and stand back so the magic can 

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Wellotonin Nutritional Supplement Formula is 

  • safe
  • healthy
  • effective – improvements reported 3-5 days or sooner
  • no withdrawal
  • results sustainable
  • no side-effects reported ever
  • has been used by children
  • has been used by pregnant women)

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If you are unsure, whether your serotonin is too low click on the assessment below.
Serotonin – self-assessment   

Below at the very bottom of the page is the information they teach in school. It does not deserve attention.  

Truth: my explanation about Mental Health conditions and mood disorders is radically different and a lot easier to understand. 

Truth: I have clinical evidence what I am saying is valid. 

 Even if you have been suffering for years with mental health conditions and mood disorder symptoms, it can end now with my guidance.   

This same process has worked for over thousands of customers and clients already who used Wellotonin.

Truth is these conditions rarely get better on their own. 

So in the past, you went to see the psychiatrist.

You sit in his office, and tell him your mental symptoms.You may ask him some questions, why you are feeling like this, but most of the time he/she does not answer.  Instead this doctor takes out a prescription pad and writes a medication name down. Usually this will be either an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication. From my experience it is usually Lexapro, Paxil, maybe Celexa, or for anxiety, Xanax. This psychiatrist usually indicates it may take a few weeks to see any improvement, and if this medication does not work well, there are other medications that you can try. ( This is not verbatim, but close enough)

The truth is: Medication is not necessary, and often can just make you feel worse. There is a Natural option, healthier, and sustainable, and clinically proven. This is what my client has to say, 

 “I was in the hospital twice before for feeling suicidal. (while I was taking anti-depressants)  I have suffered with depression most of my life. I have been on anti-depressants pretty much since I was 12 years old. Wellotonin saved my life. The past 7 months (since I have been taking the supplements daily) and working with Sheila have been the most amazing months of my life! 

My depression for the first time is UNDER CONTROL! I am functioning everyday like a person that doesn’t battle this mental issue. My 6 year relationship with my boyfriend is the best ever, because now I am mentally present, happy and feel balanced! I have my life back! I’m  happy! I look forward to everyday and my future! One of the most exciting things about Wellotonin,  Natural Support Supplement is they are all natural. NO chemicals! 

It put’s my mind at ease to know that these supplements are vitamins that my brain lacks and they are good for me. I can’t wait for the day more people have this same opportunity that Sheila has given me! She has literally given me my life back with these supplements and everyone that battles depression deserves the same!” – K.D.*

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 It is unfortunate, that the Mental health professional have gotten stuck in the stone ages. While everything else in our life seems to progress, including AI, medical robots, technology, new inventions, new dangers, Mental Health is like the “rotary phone” operating in the past.

 Sadly there are now millions more are suffering than ever before. It is considered the number 1 problem for adolescents today. 

It has my mission for over 10 years, helping those suffering with mental health issues and mood disorder symptoms, to guide them so they can naturally raise their Serotonin levels and become the parent, spouse, employee and friend they have always dreamed. 

Even if you have been suffering for years, it can finally end. 

The only natural answer is to supplement your brain with the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients so it can raise the serotonin naturally. 

 This is just how Wellotonin works. It provides the necessary elements, that  are missing in your food. Wellotonin is a patented proprietary blend of Vitamin B, Calcium, Magnesium, taken with Omega 3, 6 fish oil of your choosing. All these elements work in synergy in the brain, and raise the level of serotonin. 

It ended for my clients and customers. Some only needed to take it for 30 days, 1 month, that’s it.  Wellotonin is safe for children, pregnant women and even nursing moms.

It has been used  by ages 7-80+ like all supplement products, consult with your healthcare professional.

Wellotonin results are sustainable, and 30 days may be all you need. Wellotonin’s proprietary patented, customized formula is manufactured in the USA.

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Mental Health Conditions and Mood disorders, we do not suffer alone. 

These types of emotions can pour over into other facets of your life, including work, family and social life.

These types of emotional symptoms can create issues with substances including alcohol and drugs, and if very severe can lead to suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

You want something sustainable: You don’t want to be taking it forever.

Wellotonin results are sustainable, and 30 days may be all you need. 

You may think this might sound too good to be true.  

thousands of other people maybe also thought that way, until they took the leap of faith.

 “I was at one of the lowest points in my life when I first started going to Therapy with Sheila Cooperman. I was an emotional wreck, suffering with intense depression. My mind was racing obsessively, and I had not slept normally or even felt relaxed in over a month. Sheila simply explained how I depleted all the important chemicals in my brain. I began taking the supplement Wellotonin, and after 30 minutes I was in bed sleeping like a baby.  When I awoke  2 hours later I felt completely calm and relaxed. These supplements gave my body exactly what it needed to rejuvenate itself to a natural healthy chemical balance.  I continue to take them since that point. The supplements combined with the therapy got me out of the worst low I have ever experienced to a place of peace and happiness. I would suggest to anyone to give it a chance.”  V.G.*

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Really the choice is yours

You can restore your Mental Health with Wellotonin and all it has to offer. You can become a better parent, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, employee and friend. You can finally enjoy your life, feel calm, at peace or you Keep suffering, or keep taking medications that create side-effects, and who knows the long-term effects

 Finally, you have a real viable, clinically proven natural solution for your mental health conditions and mood disorder symptoms. It is as simple as consuming the necessary vitamins, minerals and Omega 3,6 that work in synergy in your brain to raise your serotonin. That is Wellotonin. The first supplement formula with clinical evidence that it can eliminate mood disorder symptoms, and restore good mental healthy functioning. It is safe, healthy,  and best of all there is no withdrawal or side-effects reported ever. 

Daily – 3 capsules of Wellotonin Vitamin/mineral Component combined with a quality Omega 3, 6 fish oil of your choosing, and the synergy process can begin to raise your serotonin. 

Already thousands of people have turned to Wellotonin. 

When it comes to these amazing results, the clinical evidence speaks for itself.  Results have been nothing short of magic, just read some of the testimonials.

Wellotonin continues to be the one product that can change your life and have you smiling again. It is really a game-changer. 

What can I expect:

With every day you take Wellotonin to feel:  calm, less overwhelmed, more patient, less reactive, more tolerance, positive outlook, quiet mind, better focus and concentration, higher productivity, sleep soundly – all around a feeling of peace and well being. 

This is only the beginning. As you continue to use Wellotonin it can provide you the mental vacation that you have not experienced in years.  

You too can experience your severe mental health symptoms begin to dissipate a little more each day. You too can see life through a clear lens! 

  Below are the links and standard information regarding mental health conditions. Are you interested 
in actually doing something so you can finally feel better, or just continue reading about them, doing the 
same old thing and expecting a different results. Actually, that is the true definition of “insanity” 

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 Clinical examples of mood disorders include:

alternating times of depression and mania

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) — a form of depression most often associated with fewer hours of daylight in the far northern and southern latitudes from late fall to early spring

daylight in the far northern and southern latitudes from late fall to early spring

Cyclothymic disorder — a disorder that causes emotional ups and downs that are less extreme than bipolar disorder

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder — mood changes and irritability that occur during the premenstrual phase of a woman’s cycle and go away with the onset of menses.

Persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia) — a long-term (chronic) form of depression

Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder — a disorder of chronic, severe and persistent irritability in children that often includes frequent temper outbursts that are inconsistent with the child’s developmental age.

Depression related to medical illness — a persistent depressed mood and a significant loss of pleasure in most or all activities that’s directly related to the physical effects of another medical condition.

Depression induced by substance use or medication ― depression symptoms that develop during or soon after substance use or withdrawal or after exposure to a medication.

Major depressive disorder — prolonged and persistent periods of extreme sadness.

Bipolar disorder — also called manic depression or bipolar affective disorder, depression that includes organized cycles. 

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is neither intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 






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