Take The Serotonin Self-Assessment

  • I do not have any real energy or interest to get up and do things or interact with people.
  • I am easily distracted, that I waste so much time.
  • When things go wrong in my life, I feel guilty or it is almost a punishment. 
  • It is essential that I check things over and over, i.e. stove, locks, or count everything all day long.
  • Sitting in my head and rethinking the past is a good part of my day. 
  • Frequently I am crying about my life.
  • I get frazzled very easily and lose my patience with myself and others.
  • I often feel life is not worth living and/or I have had thoughts of killing myself.
  • Unfair or mean things said to me have a very strong impact.
  • I don’t really feel like I am serve a need or a purpose to myself or others.
  • I experience feeling unsteady or very shaky on my feet, as if I am on a floating boat.
  • Often I can’t snap out of my sadness. 
  • My anger can get so severe at times, I feel like there is a fire inside me.
  • I am losing weight and/or I have no appetite.
  • I experience obsessive thoughts about injuring myself.
  • My thoughts are consumed with using cocaine, crack, or crystal meth all the time.
  • When I have a deadline, I become very nervous.
  • Everybody is doing things to upset and irritate me.
  • Biting my nails or picking my skin is a habit of mine. 
  • My physical appearance is upsetting to me. 
  • I find myself often feeling very overwhelmed.
  • My reactions are extremely harsh, even though I don’t want to be like that.  
  • I have failed so many things in my life.
  • Perfection from myself is the only thing that is acceptable, nothing less. 
  • I find it almost impossible to think clearly, organize my thoughts and possessions and/or make decisions.
  • My head is always noisy with thoughts, and does not even shut down during the daytime and/or at night.
  • I don’t see things in my life getting better; I feel very hopeless about my situation.
  • The other drivers on the road wear on my patience and tolerating them seems impossible. 
  • Things must be done my way, or heads will roll. 
  • Prioritizing life’s responsibilities seems impossible. 
  • I have this constant compulsion to do certain behaviors, a certain way, or my mind won’t let me alone.
  • At night, I hardly sleep, I just toss and turn. 
  • My day ends, and I feel I am really not accomplishing too much. 
  • I experience panic attacks, with difficulty breathing, heartpounding, feeling lightheaded and want to get away.
  • It is really difficult for me to concentrate, remember things and and remain on task.
  • It seems impossible to ever let things go, whether it is something verbal or possessions.
  • I find myself constantly worrying about everything and everyone in my life.
  • It takes me so long to finish any task, my productivity used to be much higher.
  • Often it is so difficult to relax, I feel so restless. 
  • My life is all about everything going wrong, never seems to be any silver-lining.

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