Bullying, How You Can Save The Victim’s Life

Bullying,  How To Save The Victim’s Life

Sometimes they are sweet and kind

By Sheila M Cooperman, Licensed Psychotherapist

Once again, I am trying to address a very serious issue, where our society just does not get it.

Bullying has been going on forever, but now it has become the impetus for so many children taking their own lives. Sometimes children are kind, and other times they can bully another child relentlessly. 

I truly hope you do not know anyone that has been bullied, but if you do my words may save their life.

Whenever I read about bullying, there is something about a  Stopthebullying foundation, or a story how the administrators look the other way.

Why? because it is just that easy.  Sometimes I hear where they actually begin to accuse the victim and blame it on their behavior.

A Quiet Child May Be Targeted for Bullying

A quiet child who is more of an introvert and the perfect target for bullying, is often told,

“why don’t you just play more with the other children?”   Maybe, if you stopped reading so much or looking at your science stuff,  the kids would like you better.

That alone is “let’s just bully the kid some more.”  It is unacceptable and damaging.  It is pouring salt on an already very sore wound.  The idea it conveys to the child, even the authority figures are not protecting him or her.  This just creates a larger fear factor, making the child feel more out of control, helplessness and hopelessness.

Honestly, when I hear these types of stories, it is very saddening.

But, the other reality is bullying is never going to stop.  Sure, we had bullying even when we were young, but kids were not taking their own lives.

Again, the reason is the bullying brought down our serotonin, but the foods we ate helped raise it backup, and rebounding our mental state.

Now, we can no longer depend on this.

As for going to the bully’s home, that can be a total waste or even backfire.  This is because the majority of bullies are being bullied at home.  They routinely have a parent that is emotionally abusive or even physically abusive.  So, you are dealing with a domino effect where it is rolling downhill.

Could be The Fault of the Parents: Bullying Usually Begins At Home

The parent may be having a difficult time, and their serotonin is low, which is bringing their respective anger or intolerance, impatience up.  They in turn are abusing their child in some way, emotionally, physically or maybe just yelling at them.

This is all reducing the child’s serotonin, and his anger is bubbling.  He is not going to take his built up anger out on his father , because that would be a death wish.  Instead, he finds the most vulnerable other child that he can push around.

The victims of the bullies rarely have anger as their predisposition; they have depression and anxiety.

As the bullying continues, the victim with each blow experiences their serotonin dropping just a little more.

And unless the child has another part of their life that is really great, there is no chance for their serotonin to be elevating and the child’s mental state to rebound.

Bullying Makes the Victims Serotonin fall lower and lower

The victim’s serotonin level continues to fall and fall, and often they keep it all a secret.  They are ashamed of how they feel, and maybe afraid to tell anyone.  This does not change the fact that their serotonin continues to fall deeper into the danger zone.

When the serotonin falls too low, their entire reality and outlook shifts.  It takes them to a place of helplessness, hopelessness and no reason to think it will ever get better.

This is just a step to the left of taking their own life.  This has become an epidemic in our society, since there are now countless ways to bully someone.  I have just learned about something called Sex bullying, which in my opinion is criminal. These victims are practically being raped, and yet since it is minors there are no charges filed.

So, what can we do?  Stop telling people that bullying needs to stop, of course it does.

We Must Build Up the Victim

That is never going to happen, instead we must bolster and build up the victim. We must create a
force-field so the victim can cope and not suffer emotional damage. Again, this is with building up the victim’s mental resilience. We must build up and elevate the victim’s serotonin level so high, he feels like a super hero.

Now keep in mind, all my words and suggestion have already been put in action, and they work.
Sure it may be different than anything that you read or heard, that is fine too. I am the definition of the non-conformist.

Because I have ideas that stray from the average therapist, I get berated and criticized all the time. Routinely it is from people who are clueless, yet fee l they have a right to oppose me.  Be assured there is no way to stop my serotonin from falling lower with every unnecessary contrary, unfounded yet hurtful remark.

So, I build it back up.  I do this by using the right combination of vitamins/minerals and Omega 3, 6. The same formula that my clients and customers have been using for years. As these kids built up their serotonin levels, all the nasty remarks had no effect on them.  It all rolled off like water.  Best of all, there was none or very little lasting emotional damage.

I am happy to say, that I have saved many clients who were victims of bullies.  thank goodness their parents were receptive and recognized that mine was their best option.

All my clients that were victims of bullies are all still alive today.

I am Sheila M Cooperman, Licensed Psychotherapist for over 20 years.  It is slowly being recognized how nutrition and vitamins/minerals play a quintessential part in our mental functioning.  I am holistic, and have gotten amazing results with all types of mental health issues and conditions.  I can be reached at DACounselinginc@aol.com.   To learn more, about mental health, please go to Mooddisordersymptoms.com.

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