Finally Mental Health Symptoms Can Be Conquered!

Are You Angry!?

You may not know this: Anger is also a mood disorder  just like depression, anxiety and OCD. It presents in some people because of their low serotonin.

The serotonin level has fallen too low, because of all the negative life events and issues. 

For these individuals, their genetic predisposition is anger instead of depression, or anxiety. 

If they don’t alleviate this condition, it will intensify. and the anger will probably pour over into all aspects of your life. 

If you want to feel calm again, less reactive and no longer feel that internal aggressive charge, it is essential to raise the Serotonin.

The brain will naturally raise the Serotonin when it is given the needed nutrients. These are all the B- Vitamins,  calcium, Magnesium and Omega 3 EPA, and Omega 6 DHA.

These are all all the active ingredients found in Wellotonin Nutritional Supplement Formula 

It is just that simple.


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