Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I take Wellotonin with other prescribed anti-depressant medication? Answer: Wellotonin – vitamins, minerals. and Omega 3, 6, elements found in foods. If there are no food limitations it should be fine.

Question: Can I take Wellotonin instead of my prescribed anti-depressants?
Answer: Many customers have chosen to wean off antidepressants while using Wellotonin.

Questions: I already take 5HTP and it does not help me, why would Wellotonin help me? Answer: You are not utilizing your own genuine 5HTP.

Question: Can I take Wellotonin before bed? Answer: It would be more effective taken with food early as possible.

Question: How long do I have to take Wellotonin? Answer: You can take it until you feel your optimum.

Question: Can I get serotonin toxcity? Answer: serotonin toxcity occurs with synthetic serotonin, Wellotonin raises genuine serotonin.

Question: I can’t swallow pills, what do I do? Answer: Open the vitamin/mineral component capsules into a beverage. The Omega 3, Omega 6 can be krill, or consume fish daily.

Question: I am nursing, can I take Wellotonin? Answer: Some clients and customers have been nursing moms. Consult a healthcare professional.

Question: I am pregnant, can I take Wellotonin? Answer: Some pregnant women have taken Wellotonin, Consult your healthcare professional.

Question: How long does it take to feel like the Wellotonin is working? Answer: Routinely improvement is experienced usually in 3-5 days. Again, alcohol and substances  lower your serotonin and interfere with your progress.

Question: Can I take just one component? Answer: Wellotonin works to alleviate mental health symptoms as well as increase focus, productivity, mental motivation because of the synergy of the complete formula. Wellotonin vitamin/mineral component is healthy, with B vitamins, and Calcium and Magnesium.

Question: I already take some B vitamins, Wellotonin has B vitamins what should I do? Answer: Wellotonin is all about the combination and the balance between all the ingredients. While taking Wellotonin to be most effective, do not replicate any of the ingredients with other supplements.

Question: Is Wellotonin covered by insurance? Answer: No, it should be, but insurance does not like to cover natural products. It only seems to cover medications.

Question: I have to take medication for blood pressure, will Wellotonin effect this? Answer: Has been used with other medications, Again, consult your healthcare professional before using this or any supplement.

Question: I want to get off my medication and take Wellotonin, can I do this?     Answer: Many customers and clients have decided to do this. Wellotonin can be taken at any time. Consult your healthcare professional or pharmacist for information about your medication.

Question: Will Wellotonin work for PMS and Menopause? Answer: Customers have  reported Wellotonin has been helpful with PMS, helping with mood swings and agitation. Wellotonin has been reported to help with Menopause -improved mental clarity, mood swings, hot flashes and sleeping issues.

Question: How does Wellotonin improve my focus? Answer: It appears that mental focus is also affected by the serotonin levels. Many customers including myself have reported improved focus, organization, and productivity

Question: How does Wellotonin help me with my insomnia? Answer: Melatonin is essential for sleeping. Melatonin is a derivative of the neurotransmitter, Serotonin. Wellotonin combines with Omega 3, 6 can raises the natural serotonin levels.

Question: Can I split up when I take the 3 vitamin/mineral capsules? Answer: It is best at the beginning to take all the vitamin/mineral capsules at the same time. After a few weeks you can decide to split them up if you want.

Question: Can I put the capsules into juice or smoothy? Answer: Many people like to open the capsules into different beverages.

Question: Will I lose weight using Wellotonin? Answer: Many people snack because of negative emotions, stress, anger, loneliness. If you felt less stress, you would probably eat less. There have been several reports from customers and clients that they lost weight.

Question: Does Wellotonin have side-effects? Answer: No side-effects reported ever. Side benefits, many found their hair and nails grow very fast, and some have reported their skin has cleared. Vitamins and Minerals seem to be very helpful for the body.

Question: Is Wellotonin safe for children? Answer: There have been children from the age of 6 and up to 85 who have used the Wellotonin formula. Again, best to consult with their healthcare professionals.

Question: What will happen if I stop using Wellotonin, will I go into Withdrawal? Answer: Wellotonin has NO withdrawal, it is vitamins, minerals. You add the Omega 3, 6. Customers and clients stopped using it when they felt like they did not need it any more.

Question: How does Wellotonin help me with my drug cravings? Answer: Drug cravings are obsessive thoughts that begin because the serotonin is being depleted.    Wellotonin’s active ingredients raises the serotonin, and clients have reported their cravings have dissipated.

I tried to answer all the questions that I am asked most frequently. If I missed your question please send it in the contact box, I will respond shortly. Please note, these answers are from clients and customers that have used Wellotonin and have provided me with their feedback.

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