Gun Control, The real issue IS “THE DESIRE TO KILL”

Gun Control is just a tiny piece of this problem. Why doesn’t anyone recognize, that guns are not the only way to kill.  The real issue is the “DESIRE TO KILL”.  This seems to be a “concept” that alludes everyone, including those who are now mourning the death of the loved ones they lost. Simply, these individuals do not need guns, they could construct an explosive, thank you internet, or just pour down some alcohol and throw down a match.

Being Concerned just about guns….


Just being concerned about guns is a hugh mistake.  There is no reason, why someone should not be able to buy a gun. Guns are not bad, it is the person who pulls the trigger.  It is unfortunate that this society requires  us to protect ourselves.  The days of going outside and not locking you doors, are gone.

We can no longer even allow our children to just freely ride their bicycles or walk to their friends homes alone, forget going around trick or treating.  In addition, when most of us see a stranger walking down the street, we begin to feel a tinge of fright.

Having a gun allows us to protect ourselves if we are in this position. There are plenty of nurses, going into homes in areas that they do not feel safe. They should be allowed to protect themselves.

With this said, we need 1 gun, not a gun arsenal.    

There is absolutely no reason for a person to own a gun that can shoot off rounds in seconds.  Are they expecting to be hunted down by the entire military of the country.  As for bump stocks, that is just ridiculous. No one needs to have those.

Desire To Kill

As I began, the real issue is the DESIRE TO KILL”  and this issue is friendly fire. I don’t know if everyone is familiar with the term “FRIENDLY FIRE”.  It means your own people killing you. In my opinion, this term is fitting when I speak about GMO, or the Rbst, or even Monsanto as a whole.  See the connection.  When it comes to the DESIRE TO KILL, in  many cases, it is due to mental health functioning gone awry.  Why does this occur, these companies, are creating  products that are affecting how our bodies process nutrients, or even worse producing products with no nutrients.

As they say, “the proof is in the pudding’, and 92 % of our society in this country express feeling stress, depression, worry and overwhelmed, or worse.  This is because food companies seem to be on a “destroy” mission. It began years ago, when the artificial hormone was forced upon the farmers to increase the milk supply. Now, we have even more destruction with the GMOs.  Our brains are no longer getting adequate nutrients that we need to mentally function and thrive. It is like trying to run a car on bad gasoline.

Why Does Monsanto Always Get A Pass

First of all, No one gets this, STOP focusing on the guns. It is all smoke and mirrors.  Actually, it is easier and faster to go up against the NRA, than it is to even tear back one layer of the onion. This means questioning all the government, especially the FDA, and one of the biggest companies ever, Monsanto.

So, when it came to Nikolas cruz, the Parkland shooter, his mental functioning had become damaged. To begin with all the negative events in his life, were main catalysts in making his serotonin plummet. Sure, in the past decades, negative events did happen.  However, our foods were pure, and wholesome, full of those vitamins, minerals our brains needed. We were able to recap, what life was taking away.

Low Serotonin – Just Calculated Friendly Fire

The reality is when the serotonin falls to low, and there is nothing positive in your life to lift it, you better hope that you have the right foods. It was unfortunate that Nikolas Cruz did not. I know his serotonin was plummeting so low, his OCD manifested into “intrusive thoughts.” Most likely he was fighting these thoughts for years.  He tried to get help, telling his brother about the intrusive thoughts that he referred to as “demons” and even his own brother did not see the seriousness in what he was saying. Sometimes the thoughts just win. This became Nikilas Cruz destiny. There is another Nikolas Cruz in the making right this second, where one needs to ask and yet never know until it is too late. 

All the gun control in the world, will not change the fact that people whose brains are nutrient starved may eventually have the “DESIRE TO KILL.”  I got your back, with my proven nutritional product formula Wellotonin that has already helped over 3000+ people feel better, even when they thought it was impossible.