Some of the Testimonials about Wellotonin

 I have suffered severe depression for most of my life…  was prescribed several different anti-depressants. They did not make me feel good. Being introduced to Wellotonin was so lucky. It is great, …I am a happier person,  feel like myself, have a more positive outlook, and I look forward to the future. I have recommended this product to all my friends and family. GG* Closter, NJ 

 Getting through my job every day was impossible.  The stress and anxiety seemed unbearable, and my doctor prescribed Xanax. I hated how it made me feel, and the potential damaging effects it could have one me in the long run. I had tried several times to wean off, and the withdrawal was horrific. Every time I ran back on. Then I heard about Wellotonin, and how you could use this while weaning off the  Xanax. I was scared, because everything you read indicates the horrible withdrawal symptoms that no one would want to experience. I took the leap of faith, and twice the amount of  Wellotonin. I could not beleive it.  It is not like I had read in the internet. I had 2 rough days, where I could not feel my body, but after 7 days, I emerged unscathed. Wellotonin was indispensable in effecting this transition. All I now needed was Wellotonin.  All the talk about Benzo withdrawal did not apply to me. Now, I have 4 months clear of Xanax, and I continue using Wellotonin with my daily regiment. It helps me get through days at a job that I do not like. Unlike medication, Wellotonin is healthy and a great adjunct to my healthier lifestyle.  PW*

 I lost my son almost a year ago to complications from 24 years of drug addiction. Furthermore, I also retired at the same time. It’s been a very difficult 10 months, but I refused to take antidepressants. I’ve been taking Wellotonin for 5 days! Can tell I am less stressed and calmer. I haven’t cried in 5 days or had butterflies in my stomach. AL*

Let me start after I experienced several severe traumas in my life, things began to really go downhill. My world was crumbling, and every day I was feeling more depressed, hopeless, and anxious. I was afraid it was never going to get better. I did not know what to do, and felt desperate. Than I remembered meeting you, and how you spoke about Wellotonin. What was really appealing was the explanation of “why” my symptoms had begun. I could compeletly relate with all my life events making my serotonin level plummet.                                                                     Order Wellotonin Today

You had been the first person, to ever explain it this way. That in my mind set you aside from all the others. I decided to trust you, and you know I purchased Wellotonin. Well, I was amazed, .. WOW! Within the first two weeks of taking Wellotonin I could feel a difference in me. I was able to quiet my mind, focus on my work and think clearly. I even noticed that my skin and hair looked well, young again. I was becoming a new person. I could not believe it, but each week my symptoms were getting better and better. I have more energy and I am able to sleep when I am supposed to. I am a forever fan of Wellotonin and just bought another three month supply. I thank you for creating this product and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better, think better, and sleep better. I am a real believer now. Don’t think about it. Buy it now, you won’t regret it.  C.D. *Disclaimer – Results may vary 

I haven’t slept well in a year, my stress level was off the charts. my OCD used to kick in and I would force myself to work until 2 am.  Then I was introduced to Wellotonin, after meeting Sheila at a networking event.  Wow ! ! ! Just one dose, just one. (Im now on my 2nd day) I havent slept this good in over a year. I feel like a better version of myself. My stress level went down enough for me to relax and my OCD is in control, I am actually going to bed now at 10:30 and I slept like a rock…WS *

It has only been two months, since my 32 year old daughter died suddenly.  don’t think I would be starting a new job tomorrow (after, not working after 16 years) if it weren’t for Wellotonin.  Wellotonin is all I take… MA*

 I found myself becoming very angry, and it was negatively affecting all my relationships. I knew I needed something, but what?  A friend of mine, had seen Sheila as a her therapist years earlier and tried Wellotonin.  She suggested that I try it, since it really helped her. Wellotonin made me feel calm. I saw improvement so quickly, I could not believe it. When I was calmer I made better decisions, and everything seemed easier. MC*

 I was feeling a lot of stress due to everyday life struggles, I was having trouble with my concentration, mood, productivity and even my patience with my children. I found myself very reactive to every day life issues.  When I started using Wellotonin, all these good changes began – less than a week. My patience was improving, I found myself more tolerant. I stopped over reacting, I had, better focus, better concentration, and quite the increase in my productivity. After taking the product for two months, I began feeling great, the results are sustainable. Once I felt my optimum I stopped using it. The great thing is there is no weaning, no withdrawal and no side-effects. It gives me a piece of mind to know that something like Wellotonin exists, should I experience severe future trauma need it again. I recommended Wellotonin to my family members and friends. They too have reported experiencing a positive outcome. Go ahead and try it for yourself… will know what I mean. OB*

 I was on Lexapro for several years… wanted to wean off of it…  Every time I tried, it made me really angry.  So, I tried taking Wellotonin to go off naturally. I used Wellotonin for awhile, until I felt I could go off my Lexapro completely.  So far so good. LB*                                                                                     Order Wellotonin Today

 Hi my name is Frank M, and I am from Westbury, New York. I was experiencing depression, anxiety, and such bad insomnia.  I have been using Wellotonin during the past year, and I feel that the results of the Wellotonin have helped me with my depression, my anxiety and my sleep problems. I now feel fabulous and I highly recommend it to everyone.  FM *

 I endured two family suicides. To deal with the loss, guilt and grief, I turned to stimulants for a quick boost of happiness and I became addicted.  I was so fortunate to have met and been introduced to Sheila as my therapist.  She explained how my serotonin works, and I have a deep sense of gratitude towards Sheila for working hard on this solution. Wellotonin has helped me with my addiction with stimulants to now regaining my natural healthy flow. When I  smile now, it’s genuine, deep and familiar. It is the smile I had before I endured two family suicides. I have recommended it to friends as it was recommended to me and it’s 100% worth the shot. It’s a relief to regain my right to a joyful and peaceful existence. With Wellotonin, I now have stability and consistency. I sleep sound, work ambitiously, socialize and rejoice in a steady light.  Thank you so much.  KL*  

Many customers came into the store reporting they were having mood issues. We have sold dozens of boxes of  Wellotonin,  it is a great addition to our store. We were one of the first to retail stores to carry Wellotonin. Several customers are repeat customers, and report a significant improvement in their mood and all around well being. I recommend the product wholeheartedly Jason Beller,* Sales DepartmentVitamin Emporium Deerfield Beach, Fl

 I used to feel worried, my head was cloudy, and I just did not feel well mentally. While visiting with some friends in Florida, I met Sheila, she provided amazing detail on her product, how it was developed, and the fantastic results she her clients have been achieving. It was so good, Sheila has practically been put out of business as a psychotherapist. After using Wellotonin, they just don’t need her help for too much longer. What a testimonial that is!…and still for me. my originial fear was she was peddling “Snake Oil”,  But, Wellotonin turned out to be everything that Sheila explained and promised.  Since I started, it only took one day, before I began to feel some improvement. I have not felt this good in 20 years, that’s how long I have been on prescription drugs. I have taken Wellotonin for 3 months now, and I continue to wake up, smiling, clear headed, and calm. I am a better person to my family and myself.  Wellotonin is a wonderful product. I even sent some to my two sisters and nephew. All have seen a marked improvement. The word about Wellotonin is spreading.  The folks here should know that you are honest, smart and have put your all into The Big W. Your passion is inspiring. Your attention to detail benefits all. Good luck and may The Wellotonin Force be With YOU!  LMG *  
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 “After surviving a major brain injury, I experienced many negative neurological effects. I had experienced anxiety, chronic pain, lethargy, rage, and depression that was often debilitating. There were often feelings of hopelessness, despair, and inevitably thoughts of suicide. WELLOTONIN changed all that. The first thing I noticed was better sleep. I was was more   relaxed, I could actually concentrate. I was more patient, had more energy, and an overall sense of well-being. The irony was that I procrastinated trying WELLOTONIN because it seemed too simple to make such a huge difference in something that affected my life so heavily. It was true all along… It really was JUST THAT SIMPLE.” Master O – Martial Artist / Ex-pro Fighter*

My job was very demanding, and often very overwhelming. I was having difficulty remaining focused, and was accomplishing not enough. “I’ve always do appreciate a more natural/holistic approach to healing and so I was very happy to have to learn about Wellotonin.  Wellotonin has always done exactly what it promised, I have so much more mental clarity, and I use it off and on when my mood dictates. I recommend it to my customers for this reason. NC.*

 Before starting, my 11 yr old daughter was experiencing anxiety on a daily basis. It was causing her to clench her jaw, resulting in terrible TMJ.  Every day, I was receiving a call from the school nurse.  Sheila’s supplements have been more effective than I could have hoped for. After just a week of starting the Wellotonin supplements we noticed fairly dramatic results. The daily calls from the school stopped, and we haven’t had a single TMJ headache. In general, I have also noticed a much more upbeat attitude. I am so glad we gave these supplements a try.  KM* 

“I was in the hospital twice before for feeling suicidal. (while I was taking anti-depressants)  I have suffered with depression most of my life. I have been on anti-depressants pretty much since I was 12 years old. These supplements have saved my life. The past 7 months (since I have been taking the supplements daily) and working with Sheila have been the most amazing months of my life! My depression for the first time is UNDER CONTROL! I am functioning everyday like a person that doesn’t battle this mental issue. My 6 year relationship with my boyfriend is the best ever, because now I am mentally present, happy and feel balanced! I have my life back! I’m  happy! I look forward to everyday and my future! One of the most exciting things about Wellotonin,  Natural Support Supplement is they are all natural. NO chemicals!  It put’s my mind at ease to know that these supplements are vitamins that my brain lacks and they are good for me. I can’t wait for the day more people have this same opportunity that Sheila has given me! She has literally given me my life back with these supplements and everyone that battles depression deserves the same!” – K.D.*

“I was so stressed all the time, and it was pouring out into my relationship and causing damage. We were so lucky to find Sheila. She was able to help us see things from a different prospective. Sheila uses a Nutritional Supplement formula,Wellotonin that contains just vitamins and minerals. This product helped me naturally feel calmer, as I result my relationship is being repaired and going forward in a positive direction.”  – A.M.*

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        “I was at one of the lowest points in my life when I first started going to Therapy with Sheila Cooperman. I was an emotional wreck, suffering with intense depression. My mind was racing obsessively, and I had not slept normally or even felt relaxed in over a month. Sheila simply explained how I depleted all the important chemicals in my brain. I began taking the supplement Wellotonin, and after 30 minutes I was in bed sleeping like a baby.  When I awoke  2 hours later I felt completely calm and relaxed. These supplements gave my body exactly what it needed to rejuvenate itself to a natural healthy chemical balance.  I continue to take them since that point. The supplements combined with the therapy got me out of the worst low I have ever experienced to a place of peace and happiness. I would suggest to anyone to give it a chance.”  V.G.*

Before Wellotonin all I could feel was continuous dark cloud over my head and doom. I thought things would never change, and that depression, stress, and feeling lonely would be part of my life forever.  I would sit at home and cry each night for hours, although I had tools from therapy, I felt there was no use in trying. I was introduced to Wellotonin in the Spring of 2014. Sheila has never led me wrong.  Finally, I am the woman I am today because of her guidance and suggest vitamin supplement formula, Wellotonin.  Finally, I have never had so much peace in my life. Each day I feel all will be well. Wellotonin helped clear my mind and gave me the motivation I needed. I am very happy, and more at peace. My brain…no scatter. I feel more calm and it is easier to focus. It is apparent I am now making better choices and decisions in my relationships. I have always and will always believe in Sheila and her work. Trusting in someone who  thinks outside the box,takes courage and faith. My best friend of 20 years, noticed a positive change in me and she did not even know I was using the Wellotonin.  She said I was easy-going, and just like that, I was not getting upset at the things I used to.  Wellotonin has had a positive effect on my life.  With Wellotonin I have more motivation, and love myself. I will continue to use Wellotonin when I need it and will forever support the product.  C.S.*

These reviews below were taken from Amazon Customers who purchase Wellotonin

          5.0 out of 5 starsThis product is amazing! It gives me energy and helps me focus …

February 14, 2018

 Had extreme depression and anxiety with my last pregnancy. Was going to be having a surprise baby and 3 kids under 3 was extremely nerve wracking for me and I literally couldn’t deal with Day to day things! My mom bought me this supplement and I took to me first prenatal visit and my doc approved it. I took it if I remembered. Fast forward to post Partum, my baby was extremely colicky and I decided to try the supplements again. This product is amazing! It gives me energy and helps me focus on the tasks I need to accomplish! It also helps my anxiety!!! I have recommended to several friends! Won’t let myself run out of this product!

This product is awesome. Really allows me to be able to focus; more concentration, much, much clearer thoughts. Furthermore, I have much more energy but calm energy.

This is a great, all natural product that raises the Serotonin naturally. It works on my anger and my OCD…saved my life. What a wonderful supplement. It works! I use this it works as stated. *

*  Disclaimer: Actual Results May Vary
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