Mental Health vs Marketing Strategies

Mental Health vs Marketing Strategies,

This is one term that seems to allude the marketing geniuses out there. Maybe when it comes to purchasing an ebook written about how to repair or build some item, the consumer takes less time and consideration before making a decision.  Maybe this is because they do not read, and hear constantly that it is the wrong way to proceed. This compounded by the medical community, victims of “big pharmas” marketing now refusing to accept that natural remedies are very viable in so many cases.

When it comes to Mental health solutions that really do work, it still defies all the sales and marketing strategies and funnels. I know personally, how receptive my therapy clients were to volunteer and use Wellotonin.  They wanted to feel better, and they trusted me. The result – they felt mentally better.

Consumers by marketing have been tricked, and deceived by unscrupulous miscreants and now fear the worst. It is unfortunate by now so many people trust no one. Trust is a huge aspect in making decisions.  Once it is gone, it seems to generalize and rarely finds it way back. Trust now for me is non-existing and I question the honesty, integrity and sincerity of everyone.

In this country

Mental Health is one of the biggest issues in this country and there are huge dollars at stake. So naturally all these creepy, unscrupulous, vile individuals began crawling out from under the rocks and willing to sell you anything.

You are already suffering from mood disorder symptoms like depression, anxiety, ocd, anger, maybe desperate and vulnerable.

You may have already purchased products that have bee advertising their product will make you feel better.

Instead of feeling better, all you have found is these products are expensive and worthless. You have been burnt maybe more than once, and now you no longer trust no one.

Because of your bad experience, I don’t blame that you don’t want to believe any advertising any longer.

It is unfortunate these bad events have, undeservedly also made Wellotonin become lost in the pile or dismissed as snake oil.  Wellotonin is in a class by itself, it is patented and has proven evidence. Most people begin to feel some improvement in 3-5 days or sooner. It has helped thousands already change their lives and enjoy their days.



The reality is when it comes to decisions about mental health products, the marketing gurus are all wet.

They keep preaching that 5-8 exposures are necessary before the human begins to decide anything. This explains why they show the same commercials repeatedly. Decision making goes far beyond this, actually there are some dynamics that I bet even the gurus are clueless.

I read something the other day, that defined “Marketing” in just a few words. Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.  This appears to be the “Mantra” for all the marketing people out there. This is the foundation for black Friday, don’t get me started on that idiot day.

Decision Making, Sales and Marketing Strategies,

Evidently, the process that is implemented is surprisingly successful for businesses alike. It appears to be the infrastructure for all sales, and bargains.  You have to purchase before it is too late, time is running out.

Image of a man's wrist, wearing a big watch with a black strap and black bezel and face, the hands of the watch are set at 12:10
Time is running out!

This increases sales, because their is the fear of missing out – FOMO.  These individuals probably missed out on something in their childhood, and they are not allowing this to occur again.

This urgency, often interferes with those who posses the innate character trait to first research everything to death.

There is the “pride” in sharing you outwitted the others by getting a lower price.  Let’s say for a 55″ LG TV, which there is a limited amount and only discounted for Black Friday.

Then there are those with the mind abducted by the subconscious, trance willingly to just comply with what is advertised.

For some, it is nothing more than a learned obedience to follow authority.

I am sure there are more explanations, but even so one thing clearly,

It does not work for mental health. 

Even when there is a great product like Wellotonin available, there is constant skepticism. Countless customers have actually told and showed their psychiatrists this product after they have begun feeling better.  Every single time, the response has been the same. Wellotonin has been ignored or opposed.

I have to question the hidden, personal agendas here.  Is it just ignorance, myopic, or something far more insidious. Again, this brings up trust and integrity.

The reality is using Wellotonin for mood disorder symptoms and mental health conditions is finite. Wellotonin’s results for most people is sustainable. Sometimes just 30 days, and their mental health is restored.  I witnessed these types of results with so many of my therapy clients.

Sure, I knew that meant less therapy sessions necessary and less money in my pocket.  That was fine, because I wanted my clients to feel better.  On the flip side, there is no marketing better than “word of mouth.” Sure, my clients were feeling better faster than any other therapist. When it came to other therapists, I was constantly seeing the same faces for months and years. It was different in my case.

Less than 2 months

Wellotonin made the average client better in less than 2 months.  Not only were their mood disorder symptoms fleeting, but they found they could process information easier. I am sure there were countless individuals who questioned “why” I would want clients to feel better, since that was my bread and butter.  Evidently, from their line of questioning, they felt quite differently.

My therapy clients should have been spreading the word like wildfire.  Again, that is where “mental health” vs “marketing” is a real issue.  Just look at most websites, and there are countless testimonials with pics.  There may even be video testimonials, but not when it comes to mental health.

I have been told repeatedly by “marketing” people the importance of video testimonials.  Seriously, everyone seems to want to keep that their dirty little secret. I had to twist an arm just to get the audio testimonial.

Even with this said, when it came to new clients, my old clients referred several.  You can just imagine my surprise, when I stood up during a luncheon of my peers, and told them all about Wellotonin. I thought they would be thrilled to hear how Wellotonin raised the serotonin naturally, and put them on a healing path. I expected them to be excited to know that finally their therapy clients could rid themselves of these pesty mood disorders and mental health conditions. Sure, they would still be there, but would remain dormant.

I miscalculated that one, 

Quick as a switch, that marketing luncheon became a lyncheon. I swear if your listened closely enough, you could hear the money falling out of their pockets. If they could, they would have set me on fire. I will tell you this in the next five minutes, I became a pariah, and no one would speak with me.  That was their “truth.”

They had no desire in ever seeing their clients get better. That was my unmistakable realization. It hit me like a bolt of lightening.  Never once did it occur to me, that Wellotonin would be bad for my practice.  After all, I was in the business of getting people to feel better.

None of the people in this room, could even stretch their minds far enough to recognize just how using Wellotonin could actually increase their private therapy practice. Their marketing minds were limited. That was never my intention when I created and manufactured Wellotonin, but it was a true future.

If only, the rehab center marketer recognized instead of being just another revolving door, their clients using Wellotonin would actually feel better, and not relapse. I think just with that reputation, clients would be banging down their door to get in. Again, they did not get it.

Wellotonin is a great product that has very little marketing. Because it is a mental health product, in a category with countless snake-oil, good money thrown at it would make little difference. Sure, there are supplement products flying off the shelf, but usually they are promoted  by a brand that is already popular.

Even blog sites and Influencers,

My website developer even made the effort reaching out to all these blog sites, and influencers, and they refused to accept information on a product. For years, I have been hitting a brick wall.

I tried the marketing of advertising in local papers, but again how many people read these or just toss them. Who really has the time to see what is being advertised. I bet if people stopped advertising, business would remain the same.  They don’t get it.

I was contacted by marketing organizations that claim to be TV producers interested in doing a show featuring Wellotonin. The express an interest, and even are connected to some b-level celebrities.  Of course, they too subscribe to the mantra,  Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value. 

They have these unreasonable deadlines, before all the slots will be taken.  Upon closer scrutiny, their 10 million watching audience is fractions less when you recognize it is not based on the TV actually being  operating and turned to that station.

There are the Trade shows that are more of a burden than a bargain.  The cost of the table and the preparation is so costly vs. the sales and exposure as an outcome. Not one show I participated, did the organizer every really invest in any type of true advertising.  I did one health show, being sponsored by a TV station and that was a huge disappointment. Where does it translate that children screaming from a stage, is healthy for anyone.  It was so loud, you could not even hear what anyone was saying.

Why were these children even there? Why, because they were willing to pay to participate.  This and so much more should be unacceptable at a health trade show.

Then of course there is the old “networking’ marketing Bull Shit.  Routinely, you meet people and tell them about your business, while listening to theirs. To date, I have yet known of anyone who worked with any of these individuals. All I can say, it did not do anything for my Wellotonin.

Marketing gurus don’t know…

Which brings me back to “marketing gurus,” who teach their programs and indicate they work across the board for all products and services.

They Don’t.

Now, I have watched other webinars, indicating that every word, and how it is positioned on the website makes the different. I really don’t know any more. This is what I am reading now.  I hope he is correct. Of course my product has 5 stars on Amazon, but still really low in the ranking. Recently, I learned there are companies all about making tools just to beat their competitors on Amazon. There are tools, that will spy on the competitor, know their income, suppliers, their ranking and let’s not forget their keywords. So, when it comes to organic ranking, well not so much.

Where do I turn to make the consumer familiar with Wellotonin!

Without being a million dollar company with unlimited resources and manpower. Maybe, that is the only answer even when the product is priceless.

Marketing has distorted and orchestrated all our purchases. It is behind all the social media, of the likes and followers.  There is nothing organic about any of this. It has created the sense that those with many followers, and likes have better products and services.  Truly, none of this is true.

It has created a platform, where the average person other than the 20 year olds, do not possess the skills to build a strong social media presence and without this, their business will crash.  The marketing industry has become something of an earth worm, where it possesses both sexes and needs nothing to reproduce.

They have created the sense in society that we need what they have, and only they have what we need.  This alone is quite disturbing. If you can crack the digital marketing code, there is a pot of gold.

Mental Health is not marketing, it is primary function. Those that are suffering, should not be hoodwinked by companies with colossal marketing budgets, which allow them to advertise all over, and rack in more likes and following than others.

Sadly, Wellotonin may not survive.  It is a great product, which goes right to the foundation of mood disorders, their symptoms, understands the definitions, and symptoms and mental health conditions. Unfortunately, amazing results don’t always translate into likes and followers.

What is true is Wellotonin does translate into happiness and smiles.