Mental Health Issues – The Facts NOT Fiction

Mental Health Issues  – The entire subject of seems to boggle the mind for so many. They are fine, until
they are not fine. This transition may begin from childhood or adolescence or even later.
It seems never to be questioned, “why” these mental health issues and symptoms have now presented. The main focus is usually just to make them go away.

But, tell me is this how you would treat a leak in your home? You enter your house and discover there is water
all over the floor. Sure, you wipe it up, and go on with your life. A few hours later, you notice there is water on the
floor, and you wipe it up again.
For 99% of the people in our society, it does not end there. That becomes only the beginning, because we need
to find out where the water is coming from. We also know that every time water is on our floor, it can be getting
worse. We begin our discovery and investigation, just “why” there is water, and what is “actually happening.”

Yet, most when it comes to their mental health functioning only begin to seek help when things become
really bad. It appears they seem to care more about their floors than themselves.
Do you wait until there is so much water on the floor before you begin to investigate “what is causing it?”
Nope, you begin immediately.

Yet, most will wait until they are experiencing severe mental health issues, before they seek help.
This has been the infrastructure of my counseling practice and all the places I have worked. It is unfortunate,
that people do not recognize symptoms will most likely become more severe instead of better.
The question is “why” do we have so many people with mental health symptoms these days.

That is a topic for another article.

Let’s face it; there have always been stresses, and life issues that created struggles. For decades there have been
difficulties, but we have not had this type of mental health epidemic. Some of these events have led to shootings,
and people dying.

Unlike many, I am extremely analytic, and need to find the cause. I am that individual that when I see a
few ants walking on my counter, I recognize these are the scouts. They are checking to see if the coast is clear
before 100-1,000’s of his little friends and family make an appearance.

So instead of wiping him out, I sit and watch them until I can figure out where and how they are entering
my home. Because let’s face it, their whole existence is trying to get into our homes, and our job is trying to keep
them out. My point is we don’t just wipe them out, we try to uncover why and how they first crawled in.

This is the same, well it should be when it comes to your mental health. It is not just about wiping the water off
the floor. It is more important in the long term to figure where the water is coming from.
It is not just about killing the ants, it is more important to figure how they are coming in.

Yet, this is not how mental health is handled in our society. Feeling badly, no one tries to figure out what is
going on and how you arrived at this condition. Nope, you are just suggested by someone or many
people to go to a psychiatrist.

In your mind, maybe you are thinking this will give you an opportunity to discuss something with this psychiatrist.
You should know that unless the psychiatrist chose psychology as an elective, they have absolutely no classes
like that in their required curriculum. In addition, being a doctor is all about detail. This is contrary to those
individuals that join the psychology profession, where it is all about the abstract.
The reality is 99% of people are either abstract or detailed thinkers. Maybe 1% of society has a brain that
can be both. It is very rare.

With this said the traits required to becoming a good psychologist or professional in psychology entails an
individual who is an abstract thinker, not detailed. Since this is not the same for an MD, it is not
surprising, that they cannot process anything with you.

Instead, they are very good at pulling out their prescription pad and writing down the name of the most
trending anti-depressant. The reality is most people will just accept this, and think the doctor has their best interest at heart.

Okay, that is subject for another article.

Since you do not think or have heard there are any other options, you decide to fill the prescription and begin
taking this medication. And again, you still have no idea how long you will have to take it, since you have no idea
how you got here in the first place.

Now, you have entered the game show arena, beginning with which side-effect will I get to experience. I wonder will this medication actually help me? Why should you not be confused, you know nothing more now, than you knew before.

And if you are like most people, you will soon enter the game show, of spin the wheel, and let’s see just
which medication you will land on next. This is how it will be, how many medications will you have to “try”
before finding one that only causes side-effects you can bare. You will recognize they may work, you may begin
to feel less depressed, anxious perhaps, but also feel nothing when your child or grandchild does something

How long will you remain on these medications? You will recognize when you are tired of taking them,
that all your original symptoms will return, and maybe even some new ones. So, here you are one new prisoner of your condition and your medications. For those that get fed up, and decide to stop taking some medications, then the real fun time can begin.

You can experience withdrawal effects, whether they are mild like nausea, or headaches, or more severe
like mental confusion and memory issues. My favorite still remains the brain electric zaps.
Who doesn’t like electric pulsating zaps going to their head at arbitrary times? This all sounds like really
fun to me.

My clients did not enjoy this roller-coaster ride, and they really wanted to gain control of their
lives. They would shortly recognize things were not what they seemed.

They learned that Mental health is not the illusive, event Most want you to believe. They became
knowledgeable of their own situations, and conditions and how they got there. They realized Just like every
story, there is a beginning, middle and always more than one possible end.

Finally, they felt in control and could take over direction of their own lives, writing just how they
wanted their story to continue and should end.

I, Sheila M Cooperman LMHC has been a licensed psychotherapist for over 20+ years. I am holistic,
and I practice the psycho-dynamic process. I do not believe in the use of medication for mental
health conditions, unless it is a thought disorder. I have seen countless people be misdiagnosed as
bi-polar by psychiatrists, and honestly it sickens me.

I can be contacted at Naturallywellinc@gmail or for questions.  or
comments. I can do private sessions, no insurance, they hate natural alternatives, and fired my ass.

Yet I have successfully helped thousands of people restore their good mental health.  It is just that simple.