Mental Health Truth

Wellotonin was created by me for me.  I am Sheila M Cooperman LMHC. a Licensed Psychotherapist, but honestly that did not help at all.

Wellotonin is NOT CHURNED out by a company churning out many product.

I never even wanted to or planned to be an entrepreneur. But, how could I keep to myself, and deprive all from the formula that saved my mental state.

It was this formula that I was determine to discover, since what I learned in school was useless when it came to finding a way to stop my own intrusive thoughts.

Never did I make the connection, that these thoughts were connected to my trauma surrounding my Rottweiler attack. It would become blatantly evident, that this was the case.

I had been keeping my “self-injuring” thoughts a secret for over two years, I knew these thoughts were considered psychotic and severe mental illness. I also knew I was experiencing crazy symptoms, but I was not crazy.

It was out of the question to take any medication, so my only option was finding a natural solution.

I Could Not Allow Myself To Fail!

Failing was not an option, because this was my only life.  As much as this was a very painful journey, the true about mental health became my reality.

It would become apparent that

3 Elements created our Mental Health Storm

  1. Genetics
  2. Life Events
  3. Nutrition

These 3 elements directly affected our serotonin levels. Now, I knew all the negative events that I had endured during and after the vicious dog attack, made my serotonin level plummet.

Two days following the vicious dog attack, I was hospitalized with a severe infection. My infection was so severe, that I was required to have a medication directly to my heart to prevent damage.  As for my cousins and Aunt and uncle their behavior was repulsive, I learned how they really felt about me. I did not recognize that my serotonin was falling lower and lower every day.

After I was finally discharged from the hospital, my true reality set in. My primary hand was permanently damaged. Even with the months of painful, frustrating, occupation therapy, I would never be able to write again, draw or paint. It would be almost impossible to hold any tools, and my fine motor skills were greatly reduced.

I found my way through all of that, and accepted my new normal.  Just when I was hoping that my life was going to return to some level of every day, I began experiencing “self-injuring” thoughts, or clinically known as intrusive thoughts.

It would be my secret, and I would be non-compliant to each and every obsessive, negative thought. For awhile, it was easy, but my reality was my hand hurt, it felt like there was always a wire tightly wound around it. It hurt when I just was. It was tight, and almost impossible to use it for more than a few minutes.

I had lost one of my most favorite skills, all my artistic skills were gone.  Maybe I was not the very best, but I sure was not bad. It was gone from my life, and there was nothing I could do. Life goes on, and I had not made any true connection at that time how my mental health symptoms were were directly caused by the dog attack and all that followed.

I did begin to recognize the fluctuation in the severity of my symptoms. I acknowledged on days where life seemed a little kinder, and I had less interaction with the insurance companies, the intrusive thoughts were less prevalent and the volume lower.

There were those days, that insurance companies became the xxxxxxxx of my existence, making me angry and frustrated, and the thoughts began screaming between my ears.

Evidently, it did not take a genius to recognize, that anything that was causing me static, or any irritation has to go. I began releasing everything from my life that caused me aggravation, but it was not enough. I removed people and things from my life, but still did not help enough.

I knew that serotonin was the main camp that affected how you feel and act, so it was blatantly apparent, this was behind the fluctuation of  my symptoms.


I was hopeless until a new client indicated she felt depressed and anxious now, but never felt that way when she lived in Italy. She didn’t understand, because her diet and life was the same here. That was my ah ha moment, and I knew our foods were largest factor. Even though I was consuming more than adequate quantities of vegetables and fruits, my brain was not getting the nutrients it desperately needed to rebound, rebuild, regenerate and restore my healthy serotonin levels. Another year would pass before I would figure out exactly which vitamins and minerals were required. I just knew when that day came, my mood disorder symptoms would stop. That is exactly what happened. After just a few days, of giving my brain the nutrients it needed, the self-injuring and intrusive thoughts were gone. My mind was again at peace and I was beginning to feel a little happier with every day.

Since my product formula worked so well, after a few years I felt obligated to share it with my clients. They wanted to feel better, expressed they did not like medication. Without any hesitation, my clients jumped at trying the Wellotonin theory and formula. Their level and speed of success was incredible; their depression, anxiety, anger, stress, insomnia, OCD all getting under control and quickly fading away. My clients were experiencing the most seamless changes for the better.

Wellotonin was making them better parents, spouses, employees, friends and even siblings. It was changing their lives, and it was just so simple.

Eventually since Mental Health Issues was so huge in this country, so many suffering, I was persuaded to manufacture Wellotonin and share it with consumers. It has not been easy getting strangers to embrace or trust what I say, since it is so contrary to everything that is written. That is unfortunate since Wellotonin works by restoring your brain to its own best condition. Once your brain gets the nutrients in Wellotonin, and you add Omega 3,6 it knows how to heal itself. I saved my life, and thousands of others. Finally, there is a clinical evidenced options that can help you feel great.

Wellotonin is comprised of the vitamins and minerals using synergy raise the serotonin in your brain. Wellotonin is a patented, natural, proprietary blend supplement successfully used in a clinical setting for over the last 10 years. Wellotonin has shown effective for types of mental health conditions and mood disorder symptoms. This includes from the mild to the most severe. Below, I have included a list of some symptoms that Wellotonin has been eliminating for years. There are many more.

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • OCD
  • anger
  • insomnia
  • agitation
  • stress
  • panic attacks
  • Mental clarity
  • focus

All these symptoms above are genetic predispositions, that are triggered as your brain serotonin falls too low. These conditions only start to minimize as your serotonin is raised. My mind was now completely quiet, been so for almost 11 years. I am a Licensed Psychotherapist, who will state that “Mental health issues and mood disorders do not have to be chronic.” More importantly, the suffering can end, when their brain is provided nutrients it needs to maintain functioning well. When your brain gets sufficient B-complex, Calcium, Magnesium, Omega 3 and Omega 6 the synergistic built in process will generate the serotonin, and you can feel your optimum. Maybe for the first time, or maybe in a long time, you can enjoy good mental clarity, natural calm, concentration and sound sleep. You can begin to say good-bye to feeling depressed, anxious, obsessive or angry. Finally, you can be in control of your own emotions and thoughts.

OCD should not be an issue, and surely stop being misdiagnosed as ADHD and ADD. In my experience it became evident, a noisy head causing learning distraction was constantly by others being misdiagnosed as ADD. I package Wellotonin to look like a gift, a great gift to give anyone that you LOVE including yourself.

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