Mood Disorder Symptoms Gone with Vitamins – Raise Serotonin

Mood Disorder Symptoms and Nutrition

Mood disorder symptoms and mental health conditions seem to be problematic for many other countries as well. It appears that England has become more progressive in their research for natural remedies about mental health in their country.  They have begun to recognize, the direct correlation between food, vitamins, minerals and mood disorder symptoms.

Now they are even beginning to use the term Psychiatry nutrition. Evidently in the UK, they get it. They understand that mood disorder symptoms such as depression, anxiety, anger and other mental health conditions can be resolved by the use of food and the nutrients in them. The vitamins and minerals are the only medicine we need. 

Blueberries connected with Mood Disorder Symptoms elimination
Image from an article in the UK, They get Blueberries can help eliminate mood disorder symptoms

This was the result of their research studies on the current use of antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medications.  They have recognized besides being ineffective, they have severe side-effects especially when taken by children and adolescents.

They have recognized these types of psychotropic medications, may actually  lead to more severe mood disorder symptoms and issues including suicidal thoughts and actions. The UK always works to remain current and on the cutting edge when it comes to medicine. This new epiphany has created the urgent need for more attention and research to study how important food, supplements and vitamin and minerals are when it comes to mental health. 

The Acceptance of Mood Disorder Symptoms being restored by Nutrition (if this link does not work, copy to browser)

This type of article brings me great joy and hope for our country.  It is unfortunate that it takes information siphoned from another country before the United States, begins to even entertain this concept. It has been so frustrating, trying to educate people about Mental Health. They do not connect that the mood disorders in this country are being caused by several factors, including insufficient consumption of vitamins and minerals.  This plays a huge part in mood disorder symptoms and mental health conditions.

Here in the USA, it is actually smoke and mirrors, and too many are wearing rose-colored glasses. The honest and only truth is you must now become your own health advocate.

When it comes to mental health in the USA, there is a huge increase in people experiencing mood disorder symptoms, from feeling depression, anxiety, anger, OCD. What they do not know is mental clarity, focus, concentration, tolerance, frustration, feeling overwhelmed are mild mood disorders. These are the building blocks that one experiences before. All of these symptoms are about having lower level of serotonin.

It extends far beyond the familiar Mood Disorder Symptoms, 

NO one ever makes this connection, well besides me and my clients and customers. Our society is over-run by children being diagnosed with ADD. This is happening because they have difficulty concentrating, they are procrastinating, they have poor memories, and they can’t sleep. In most cases, this is not the real issue, the real issue is their minds are noisy, and distracting these children from learning. Again, this is due to low serotonin. 

What is first, the chicken or the egg?  Is it the levels of stress events lowering the serotonin, and leading to mood disorder symptoms, is this due to having too much to do, lacking understanding or having insufficient time.

Some feel complete hopelessness, spinning their wheels and not getting to far. When it comes to adults, this is not not unexpected with the levels of complexity, and time consumption that is stripped from everyone just to maintain stability.

image of mother board with many plug-in wires in colors of the rainbow symbolizing complexity and intricate technology
john-carlisle- unsplash

Some believe all this technology, whether  it is your appliances or the computer processes, software and hardware is a positive. Let’s face it, for many of us, it is an up-climb on a mountain that never peaks. There is the internal need to want to keep current with all the digital transformations, and for some that is essential for their survival.

Humans can only take so much, and for some witnessing as they fall deeper into the “abyss” becomes a progressive decline of their brain chemicals.  There is a stronger feeling of hopelessness, as they watch their world crumbling around them.  Even for those, that personally choose to keep their distance from the technology are still dragged in. 

This alone creates more stress, anxiety, and mood mood disorder symptoms

This alone creates more stress, and overflows to their children, employees, spouses and all dynamics in their lives. What is being left unsaid, is just how our unnecessary environmental strains are continually taking a toll on our entire brain functioning. Let’s face it, poor brain functioning  – just another term for “mental health conditions  and mood disorder symptoms.”

Once Mood disorder symptoms and Mental Health Conditions thought to be mysteriously organic, they really are not.

The person who experiences mood disorder symptoms like depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, mental clarity – the cause is their own life events.  However, decades ago, our food was our greatest natural medicine that helped our brains rebound and automatically rebuild our serotonin. It allowed us to be whole again.

That is no longer the case, we can not, and must not depend on our foods. They are full of chemicals and not  nutrition and nourishment.

image young woman about to eat a poisonous apple indicating our fruit is no longer healthy
That apple won’t help your Mood Disorder Symptoms

This is Evident Now! 

Only in the recent decades, has mental health become such an epidemic, and one of the largest money earning industries. What came first the chicken or the egg, once again. Did “Big Pharma” just see another slot for their greed. Once they recognized there was a niche where they could bleed the person dry.  

This seems to be how mental health works. The same 
incorrect information cycles around, to substantiate the incessant use of medications. The same medications, where the results are NOT sustainable, and not even really good. 

They have become no better than the tobacco companies that became aware of the danger of smoking, before it resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. Yet, they still continued manufacturing and selling cigarettes. Why? because the income far outweighs the death toll. 

In the USA, Mental illness has become an epidemic, more and more are reaching for anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and even medications that just let your mind go numb to escape the mental pain. 

None of this is necessary, you brain just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, has always had the power to heal yourself. Don’t wait for the grand announcement, there will never be one. 

Don’t be fooled by all the mental health non-profit organization, and talk and groups for this topic, they all have blinders on. They talk a nice game, but have their eyes closed and their ears covered.  

When it comes to Mood Disorder Symptoms: It will take another country, before the USA buys a vowel. 

Why is England Different?

They too are responsible for the people in their land, and their decisions when it comes to medications, foods, and chemicals. Here it is “Big Pharma” and other Bio0-Tech companies that are running the show. The administration are just their puppets. 

Recently, I learned that the Doctors are sniveling sock-puppets, making sure to watch their own asses. They have their best interests at heart, and you better have your own. They surely do not have it. 

You can believe me when it comes to Mood Disorders

Vitamin Supplement Formula to raise the Serotonon
Mood Disorder Symptoms gone with Wellotonin – Naturally raise your serotonin. It is just that simple.

Seriously, other countries do not allow what we do here. Now, sit back, relax, if you can, focus if you still know how, concentrate if your brain is still able, and ask yourself  “Why?” I care about you. Why have I gone to these lengths, refusing to give up, after “Big Pharma” crushed my private practice, yet I continue to find new avenues to break through your walls of skepticism and disbelief.


This theory may be new for UK, but as a Licensed Psychotherapist I  discovered the “holy grail.” about nutrition and mood disorder symptoms, 10 years ago.

My clients have recognized, their serotonin was too low, and with my guidance and the Wellotonin formula have been able to restore themselves to good mental health.

There was no medication needed, just the consumption of specific B Vitamins, / minerals and Omega 3, 6. which raised their serotonin naturally.

My clients were desperate and receptive. They were tired of suffering with mood disorder symptoms and feeling like crap. They trusted me and my theory, and now they can smile and enjoy their lives again. 

It is just that simple.          Best, Sheila M Cooperman   Order Wellotonin Today