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Written By: Sheila M Cooperman LMHC, Licensed psychotherapist and the Creator of Wellotonin.

There have been what seems to be countless comments and compliments about the information in my blogs. In some of the first versions of the blogs, they were being written for me. When I read through all the nansy-pansy bland ideas, with no commitment it is all just Blog-Fog.

Now, I am at the helm, so watch out. I am not PC, nor do I care if people believe or agree with what I say. Everything I write about is personal, and it is supported by clinical evidence. Just check out my  Testimonials

The information provided by me conveys the only information needed when it comes to mental health and mood disorders and their symptoms. Be Assured, this never means medication. It also does not mean providing content containing just a bunch of blog-fog. I have coined that phrase for blogs that tippy-toe, afraid to offend, consequently not worth reading.

In my eyes medications side-effects can be heinous. Who can read the list of potential side-effects and think otherwise. Honestly, it seems evident by now that psych medications are no better than putting a bandaid on instead of sewing up the incision. I think the bandaid idea is no more effective than getting up and slamming your head into a wall.

That bandaid will have to remain in place for a really long time, and when it comes off, the incision will tear open, may even bigger this time. Your head probably won’t feel the same for quite awhile either.

Mental health and mood disorder symptoms are really more simplistic than most understand, have heard or can tolerate to believe. Why isn’t this known to be the case, I believe it is what “they” want us to think.

Even some episodes of Dr. Phil, he begins to explain all the medical details about the brain. This is just to baffle you, feed on your insecurities, and accept whatever they are clamoring about.

Sure the brain is a complex organ but Mental Health and Mood Disorders are NOT!

The brain is a very involved organ, it has many functions, like the mother-board actually.

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When it comes to mental health, and mood disorders and their symptoms it actually works in a very simplistic manner.

Image of blue background animated man hand coming up from the center, and their is a picture of a profile of a blue head, with a light switch in the center. The man's hand is touching the light switch. symbolizing the simplicity of the brain.
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Again, you can argue with me, but I have the clinical evidence to back up what I am saying, do you? One of those clinical cases, is me.

My information is from direct experience with myself and my customers and clients. It is not the Text book.  Actually, I have thrown away all my textbooks, since they were taking up valuable space in my home.

This whole project began when I decided to help others feel better.  I just expected people to be as receptive as my clients who benefited and got relief from their mental health issues.  It was quick and permanent. That has not been the case, and this whole adventure has changed me.

It is curious whether people do not recognize that their conditions are temporary. They are  aware of why they are feeling stressed, and overwhelmed, and many are turning to alcohol. It seems that they are in the dark, about how and why they begin to feel the stress, intolerance, inpatience and agitation.

Why, lives have been busy for decades. Why is it so prevalent now?  Just like I convey about our personal life events, it is no different when it comes to country events.  This would bring me to the crux of all what is going on in mental health. This explains why now the USA is number 1 for mental health issues, and shootings.

It is our Food

My blog will continue to talk about mental health, physical health and our food. It does not end here, it is also the chemicals that exist around us.  Those are not helping either.

The information that I bring, will be direct, not inferred. It is my hope that peoples brains are not to foggy to process what I am saying. I need to take Wellotonin every day, just to stay on my game.  The difference before and after is incredible, almost magical.

This is one reason, I can write non blog-fog. The other is fear. Everyone is afraid of being sued for saying the wrong thing. If fingers are pointed at big companies, suing may not be the punishment they provide. They say there is freedom of speech, but we all know otherwise.

So many hundreds of thousands of people are now on psychotropic medications, for mood disorders and their symptoms.  

This is why, every individual needs to be their own advocate and their own researcher.  If not, who knows how sick  they may become. Will they join those with symptoms of RA,  or skin issues, or how about just those that have no energy, can’t think and slowly are succumbing to mental health issues. They are self-medicating to deal with their new depression, increased anxiety, growing anger, and progressing OCD.

Unless, legal action or the masses stop feeding into this garbage, it will not get better, it will get worse. Case in point more shootings. How many will there need to be, before the idea “desire to kill” is addressed. The opoid problem begins with the pharmaceutical companies. They are the maker of the pills, oxycontin, hydrocodone, lorecet, etc. It is more than evident, most addicts begin there and get addicted. Heroin is what they default when pills are no longer available. How many people die from Cancer before they stop killing those that have natural cures.

My frustration grows

Just knowing so many people are suffering with mental health issues, and they are being told there is nothing that can be done other than medication. When it comes to cancer, it is the subject of trillions of dollars. 

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Personally, I would never turn to any of those medications either. I have even begun to question whether doctors always are actually telling the truth about finding cancer. I know so many people don’t even get a second opinion. It all blows my mind, since I always have the best interest of the patient, even when they could not get out of their own way.

The making of Wellotonin has opened my eyes. I never recognized the sabotage and opposition I would encounter every step of the way. Who thought that companies would ban me because I had a different opinion or information on Mental Health. I never even realized that the insurance companies were all bought and owned by big pharma. None of this occurred, when I just wanted to help people feel better and enjoy their lives.

What a lesson for me.  Ironically, it is a shame, since Wellotonin is the best natural product for Mental Health every created. It has taken people from the most severe, acute mood disorders and mental health conditions, and given them back their lives in just a few weeks. Wellotonin does not need to be taken forever, like medication.  It is safe, healthy, non-toxic, no side-effects, or withdrawal.

It truly is a game changer.

I posted on Facebook the potential side-effects of Rexulti, and the next day my account was down. They said I violated a trademark. I didn’t. I have a trademark and know all about them.

Do I need to say anymore?

That’s it for now,  Best, Sheila LMHC

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