Nail – biter? You have OCD


womens nice hands and nailsNail-biting you have OCD. Maybe this is something that no one has ever told you; it is true.  If your nails don’t look like this, but instead they are chewed up, sometimes to the quick, you have OCD.

Let’s learn why this is the case and how easy you can stop a habit that has plagued you forever.

Today we need to tackle the subject of nail biting. Forget everything you have heard, and for god’s sake put away the Tabasco sauce.

Millions of people are burdened with their uncontrollable habit of nail-biting. While some want to just keep it their little dirty secret, others tell and ask the world. Nail biters are not difficult to see, since their hands are right out there all the time. Does it affect how others treat you? Probably not for the majority, but that is not me.  Why? Because I know the truth about nail-biting and what it truly reveals about that person.

Nail biting is really not about Nail biting

I know that nail-biting is a very involved behavior trait.  It is not just about biting your nails. Actually nail-biters have OCD, and fall into the subtopic of self-punishing and self-mutilation.

There are many levels of dynamics here at play, that no one has ever considered well almost anyone.
Even Dr. Oz refused to accept this explanation until about a year ago. Could it be he actually read my website, since I shoved the information into his hand last year at the health fair.

Again, I stumbled onto this truth in 2008, while I was curing myself of my intrusive thoughts.  To my surprise, my nail biting and nail picking stopped almost immediately.

In retrospect, I would recognize nail –biting falls into OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). It is not what you may think.  Simply before you bite your nails or while you are biting your nails, you are also in your head thinking about something negative. That is why it is also OCD?  Those who do not have OCD genes do not sit in their heads.

You could be thinking about something that you did not do and should have done, or something you allowed someone to do to you. It could be something that you need to do, but did not get done. Inevitably you are thinking about some event that is upsetting.  It is called ruminating,

Now, you have found something to punish you self, there you go attacking your nail beds. What you may not know is nail-biting falls into the same category as burning, cutting or hurting yourself in another way. It is self-mutilation; just mild.

When you find your fingers in your mouth next time:

Next time you find yourself with your fingers in your mouth biting, back up and try to get a grasp on what thoughts have just been processing though your head.

So now you know “WHY” you bite your nails.  Let’s face it negative events are going to happen, so how do your actually stop the biting?  Don’t worry, there is hope and it is fairly simple if you follow the instructions.  Your reward will be beautiful hands.

So, let’s go on:

Remember the story about the truck that gets stuck under the bridge, and all these people are trying to figure out how to get the truck out.  The architects and engineers have all types of ideas, how to raise the bridge, or cut off the top of the truck.  Then this little boy says to them, “why don’t you just let the air out of the tires”

Nail-biting is no different.  The key is not how to stop biting; it is to shut down your head.  It is not
about raising the bridge; it is about letting the air out of the tires.

It is not about coating your nails with tobacco sauce, sitting on your hands, covering them with band aids or artificial nails; it is about stopping the rumination and the self-punishing

Seriously, If you can’t think about things that upset you, you have no reason to punish yourself.

This rumination is the OCD, and a direct sign that your serotonin level is too low.  Now, we have to raise your serotonin levels.  Because you easily find yourself in this self-punishing mode, it is evident your serotonin level is constantly teeter-tottering into the danger zone.

The 3 elements that are constantly in play, your predisposition, your life events and the nutrients you are feeding your brain.  It is evident that your brain is lacking the nutrients it needs for the synergistic process to be activated.

Once your serotonin gets high enough, the door to your head will be locked tight, no more getting in, no more self-punishing and longer nails.

Nutrients are the Answer, to Raise your Serotonin

These nutrients for the synergistic process are Traditional B-Complex, Magnesium, Calcium, Omega 3, 6.
Like I have said so many times, it is not about the trees, it is the forest.  It is not about the nail biting, it is about having the capacity to sit in your head and find reasons to punish yourself.  It is just that simple.

*B-complex contains Biotin, which improves nails, hair and skin. That’s just a bonus.

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