Mental Health solutions how to decide

Mental health solutions includes so many aspects. Precision is this why it takes the average person so long to make a decision? Actually it could be far more involved than one really knows. Well I know and I can explain later. These are probably ideas, that have never been considered.

Let’s begin with how this affects our lives and the lives of others. As a result of making decision making more difficult can result in missed opportunities. You know what they say, “you snooze you loose,” or you missed the boat.

Many of us do just that, and this becomes one of the saddest parts for business people.  So, now comes the expression that you have to light a match under someone’s ass. This is relevant, because it creates action. Let’s face it how many seconds will that match have to burn before it gets really hot.  Sadly, it is this and the need to see statements like:

This offer will expire in 48 hours.  This offer will expire by Sunday, and it is already Thursday.

It appears the human has so much trouble making decisions. Why is this?

Perhaps it is OCD

What some people may not recognize is that “having trouble” deciding is OCD.  There are those people that have to exhaust every bridal store, and try on every wedding dress, or see every new car that is out before they can decide.

Please recognize, this is often out of their control. Of course, it is also due to low serotonin.  If you are that person that needs to check out every hotel in your price range before you can book, you know it can be mentally imprisoning. I have witnessed this with myself, and with many of my clients. There eternal need to keep exploring and researching and delving even when some very acceptable information is already in the forefront.

I have also seen these same people very quickly change and now easily make a decision. Sure the dollar amount may be one of the criterion, but it seems far more reaching than that.  Is it because they have too many choices/ Not always.

Too Many Choices

Let’s not mention this world  has become one of so many choices. I find just walking up and down the cookie or cracker aisle in the supermarket can feel distressing. There are so many choices where does one actually begin?  I joke and wish we were in Russia. They hand you the cookies, and if you don’t like that, they just shoot you.  Well, maybe not, but I have been told that there surely is not the quantity we get to choose from.

Eventually, we decide on some type of criteria and put either one or two or more boxes into our carts or wagons. Mentally are you really satisfied with your choice? It probably does not matter, because tomorrow is another day, and new day to try more cookies.

What Business already know

Decisions are not made quickly unless there is some type of payoff or benefit. This explains just why, all these companies are always discounting their products and services.  These companies also know that the average person will take forever to make a decision, so they have to dangle the carrot and pull it away quickly.

Honestly, there are just too many options, and they seem to just keep coming at you. Everyone is trying to find the holy grail, when it comes to be financially successful in business.  What is amusing is all the people who want you to believe they have it, and will share it with you for just $997.

What business don’t understand is how this works against them.  There are so many choices to use, and so many platforms, this alone creates difficult and lack of time to research any of them. I personally know while reading website, I leap from one to another. In the last few days alone, I have glanced at Taboola, Mouseflow, Funnelkake, Thrivehive, and more I am sure. Lucky for me, my mother took me to the Evelyn Woods speed reading program when I was just a young girl.

If you watch the so-called “free webinars” there is always a catch. It is like McGyver giving you most of the directions to escaping out of the locked-room, where the oxygen is steadily depleting. He leaves out that last step. Wait, I will tell you how to survive, however it will cost you $997. I want you to know this is a limited special offer, because the true value is $14,800. Probably this information is all new to you, so please decide in 20 minutes.

I decided the value of each and every component.

This seems to be one  homogeneous strategy they all seem to use. I don’t know if it really works, and never will. Some of the more savvy, “yeah that is what we call them” call out names of people who have signed up, but did they really?  The irony is every one of these individuals who are providing the information, always indicate theirs is the real way to be successful to outwit the digital stratesphere and make money.

One even went so far to put down some of the others. What many do not understand is making a decision or taking any real type of action is all a psychological process.  It has many fractions.  There is pre-contemplation, contemplation, action and maintenance. All of these take times to get there.

Very few people can just decide on a dime. What these marketing gurus do not include, is just how long it took them to make decisions when it came to their own businesses. This is something that I think we would all like to know.  In addition since they have discovered the holy grail and conquered the humans decision making theology, which is 8-10 exposures before purchasing, shouldn’t they then be implement patience and give others the same courtesy.

What Comes Next!

As someone who has fallen victim to the marketing predators out there, I just don’t trust anyone.  I surely do not truth the individuals, who provide a program and give a discounted price for a limited time.  These marketing people are actually marketing zeros, as they don’t recognize just how human nature truly works.

Are there businesses that have such a large budget, they can afford to just throw the money in the toilet if the latest and greatest new strategy does not work, absolutely.  However when it comes to the small businesses that have just awakened to just how Fu**ked up are the minds of consumers, it is all just another layer of static.

It is bad enough that you have a great product, but because there are so many scams, and psociopathic douche bags in the world no one trusts you.  Then there is the constant thorn, of how important the social media sites are for the bigger picture, but surely not conversion. I wonder if many of them have figured it out yet.

It appears to be a never-ending quantity of all the different companies, and internet gurus, and masters who all have the answer.  It seems to be impossible, or it does not exist to have the time to even explore what they are saying.  I think one of my biggest bones of contention with many, is the information that they received for free, from a friend or other when they were struggling is now for sale. This alone speaks volumes.  Do their programs work? I am not sure. Do they wind up refunding a lot of money? I don’t know that either.  Is as simple as they say to get a refund, this one I question a little more.

Reality, besides software if they can figure it out, I want to believe I can also.  Maybe, I could find the time to do just this, if I was not receiving constant emails when I don’t buy their programs.  This alone is another facet of these masterminds, or what they call themselves.  When you don’t purchase, most will hunt you down, and smother you with emails until buy, or scream for mercy. I think they should all memorize this mantra, Stroke, do not Choke.

Decision Making is Much More than You Think

Here is the little tidbit that many of these geniuses do not know.  Decision making behaviors, or having trouble making decisions can be directly linked to past sexual abuse or molestation. Okay you 14K program selling $997 deal geniuses, what do you think about that!