Mood-Mental Health- Inhale…Exhale, Take a Breath?

Written By Sheila M. Cooperman LMHC, Licensed Psychotherapist and creator of Wellotonin Mood -Mental Health -Inhale… Exhale, Take a Breath??? Mood disorders, mood symptoms and mental health, let’s start there again. Often, people who are experiencing mental health symptoms and/or mood disorders, turn to self-medicating with supplements and other mood enhancers. There is nothing wrong … Read more

Big Pharma – there is Karma!

Natural First- Always If you are looking for nutritional supplements, good for you. Even before you take that advil or tylenol, you can try to a natural remedy like using all the pressure points. You will probably find one that can relieve your headache.   When it comes to burns you can try Aloe right from the … Read more

Serotonin – The Mental Health, Mood Disorder Super-hero

By Sheila M Cooperman LMHC, Licensed Psychotherapist and creator of Wellotonin. So for months, I have not written for the local paper. Mostly because my articles are usually considered un-publishable due to their controversial or thought provoking content; who wants that. Let’s us just allow the society to remain mindless and faceless walking zombies observing, … Read more