More Serotonin- Answer to Good Mental Health

Brain food – Many of us remember hearing our parents say, eat fish it is brain food. Was it just the fish or was there more to this story? Fish or Omega 3, 6 fish oils and other required vitamins/minerals combined can build serotonin.  What did we know from serotonin? We now know the importance of maintaining high-levels of Serotonin in the brain. Whether it begins in your gut, or just crosses the blood/brain barrier is not important. The important issue is how serotonin is the brain chemical primarily in charge of all your moods and thoughts. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is positively affected by your consumption of essential Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.  consumption . A person’s diet lacking adequate EPA, and DHA is probably experiencing mental health issues.

Omega-3 Fatty and Amino Acids

Omega acids can impact our neurotransmitters, becoming instrumental in how we think, feel and behave. Since serotonin is responsible for controlling our mood, to feel good it must remain in abundance. A Natural supplement like Wellotonin, works in synergy to do just that- naturally raise your serotonin.

The thing with amino and fatty omega 3 acids is that its deficiency can cause related mood disorders. Our lives now intertwine with technology and often sleeplessness can come along for some people.  comes along with it.

Usually, the circadian rhythm (the body’s natural time keeper) acclimates to the sunrise and sunset to establish your natural sleep pattern; but when our nervous system is disrupted by artificial light at midnight and the effects of constant exposure to radioactive waves, it can cause fluctuations in mood and anxiety issues.

The Body

After becoming deficient in either, our body can respond by refusing sleep, creating insomnia and lessening time spent in the most important stages of sleep, REM sleep. The combined effects of a lack of sleep are profound to personal performance and physical health. Studies show that a lack of sleep for more than 3 days can cause tissue deterioration and hallucination.

Our bodies recharge serotonin levels through skin’s absorption of sunlight (kind of like photosynthesis for a plant) during the daytime, while its sister neurotransmitter, Melanin, is released during the nighttime to facilitate rest and relaxation.

In addition, a large body of research suggests that an imbalance in serotonin levels can influence mood negatively, and soon mental health symptoms mild as stress to more severe as depression, anxiety, OCD and anger will begin to present.  These days, we are hearing more and more people are not feeling well, and have been prescribed medications. These new imbalances are not a mystery to those of us who understand about mental health. More people need to learn about these conditions, and understand they are temporary chemical imbalances that can easily be restored to good mental wellness.  click on links to learn more. anxietypanic, and even excess anger.


Since the majority of depression occurs as a result of chemical imbalances in the brain, you should make an effort to use natural remedies for mood disorders by first learning the “how” and “why” they are being manifested. According to Princeton neuroscientist Barry Jacobs, serotonin helps facilitate the regeneration of your cells, so without a change in diet or serotonin supplements, you can get trapped in a vicious cycle of depression.

The solution is to increase the levels of serotonin and melatonin in your body through your diet. Since the key amino acid in serotonin is not made in the body, we can pick it up from foods we eat. When it comes to buying a product that is labeled “serotonin supplement” save your money.  Serotonin is created naturally in the brain, it is not from a bottle, or tube. Those Serotonin supplements, are synthetic. When it comes to your mental Wellness, only the “real thing will do”

Unfortunately, they say “serotonin supplements from the source do not exist”, but they would be wrong once again. Now let’s address more garbage, this would be the products out there with  the name 5 – HTP. 5-Htp is very essential, but only affective when it is genuine and not synthetic. Since 5-HTP is made in the brain, those products can not be anything but synthetic.  Let’s chat about L – Tryptophan, again, products with this on their labels are synthetic. If you really want to see great results, you need the genuine thing.  Don’t accept imitations, isn’t that what you have always heard and read, only the real thing will do.

Maybe, these companies needed to put out these synthetic products, because they are not aware, how simple it is for your brain to be the “master of its universe” and create it’s own L-tryptophan, 5-Htp and serotonin.

This is all in the past.  Whether serotonin majority is produced in the intestines, who cares. It is not important whether people feel it can cross the blood barriers. The proof is in  the pudding, and is the neurotransmitter that is primarily in charge of all your feelings, thoughts and behaviors. We know, it is transported in the bloodstream, so nutrients from food are hugely imperative.

Experts say that protein-rich foods, such as meat or chicken, contain high levels of tryptophans, and are helpful in increasing your body’s internal balance. We hear this all the time, who knows, and who cares.  When your brain is giving the tools it can heal itself.  Similarly, like all the great chefs in the world, your brain likes to start from scratch.

The best way to increase your serotonin levels aside from ingesting food is by taking a natural supplement that includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals for improvement. The Wellotonin Nutritional Supplement Formula contains B- Vitamins, calcium, Magnesium and then you can choose just which form of Omega 3 EPA, and Omega 6 DHA is best for you.

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Wellotonin is now available to everyone, not just Sheila’s therapy clients. It has clinical evidence to be a Nutritional Supplement Formula that can promote optimum Mental Wellness.

According to their website, “All these elements may help synergy in the brain, first they create L-Tryptophan (your own) —> then 5HTP (your own) —> and then Serotonin (your own) —> Melatonin (your own)  Serotonin affects how you think and feel and Melatonin helps you sleep more soundly.” This natural supplement has worked for hundreds of people, just check out some of the testimonials on the website.

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