Serotonin – The Mental Health, Mood Disorder Super-hero

By Sheila M Cooperman LMHC, Licensed Psychotherapist and creator of Wellotonin.

So for months, I have not written for the local paper. Mostly because my articles are usually considered un-publishable due to their controversial or thought provoking content; who wants that. Let’s us just allow the society
to remain mindless and faceless walking zombies observing, adhering and embracing the same old dribble when it comes to mental health. Let them continue to be brain-washed. Let’s write articles that are all fluff stuff, no thank you.

I can’t anymore, sorry. I can’t just sit quietly and just allow people to read the words of medical and clinical individuals, and just accept their responses and ideas are “it” the only option. Everyone deserves the choice to learn about other alternatives and options, holistic options. Sitting and doing and saying nothing after reading a therapist suggest a 13 year old be put on psych medication. This child is not even fully developed yet!

My continual controversial and a non-conformity allows me to think outside the box. Thank god for that, or I would be a true zombie. Me, just walking around in my life, absent of any thoughts, and with no ability to function properly. I am positive I would be suffering from a myriad of severe side-effects. ( medication has always done this)

This is my truth, which began in 2007. With no prior notice, I began experiencing self-injuring thoughts.  Now having to deal with this, after all the recent Rottweiler trauma was just the icing on the cake. At that time, while
I was in the throws of my nightmare, It never occurred to me, that my self-injuring thoughts were actually the effect not the cause.

What I mean.

In 2006 myself and my Poodle Furbie were attacked by my counsin’s Rottweiler. Image of Rottweiler

It did not stop there, my bite became infected and I was forced to be hospitalized for 12 days. Because of the severity of my injury, I lost the complete use of my primary left hand. To be even more eventful, since the bacteria could not be  stopped before it reached my heart, and a pic line had to be inserted.

Just when that was bad enough, I completely lost the use of my left hand. Losing the use of your left hand; not a good thing for a lefty. To add “insult to injury” my cousin who owned the Rottweiler behaved so abhorrently, taking no accountability, and it all resulted in my entire family being severed forever.

Immediately, I had to endure months of occupational therapy, filled with a lot of pain and frustration hoping to have the use of my hand returned to me. All of this was happening, while being alone. Now, I had to teach myself how to do everything using my right hand including writing. Image of a young woman sitting up in a hospital bed with bandages and IV port,

So, the last thing I had time for was self-injuring thoughts. Yet they had begun and every day there they were filling my mind. Creative and countless ways to hurt myself and other people I did not even know.

Please note, hurting myself, and not kill myself. That is a complete different animal. These thoughts just continued on for days, into weeks, months, and almost two years. Some days the wicked demands and commands were screaming in my head. Some days it was just not as loud.

Thoughts were quite creative and diversified

So many different types of thoughts, stab myself in my stomach, when I opened a can of fruit or tuna fish. Throw my car into park, when I was driving on the high-way. This thought brought on so much fear, I always drove alone and sat on my hand. When I was doing my laundry, I had thoughts to drink the detergent. When I was washing dishes, my thought was to put my hand into the garbage disposal and turn it on.

It did not end there. I had thoughts to hurt my little dog, and to hit strangers riding bicycles or walking on the street with my car. I don’t know why I was thinking this way. It was alarming, and frightening. I used to feel like some wicked laboratory was siphoning these ideas to my head. Although as a therapist I knew they were “intrusive thoughts” I did not understand just how they come to be.

As a Therapist, I was also aware these thoughts are considered psychotic

I knew a doctor would prescribe anti-psychotics. It all remained my little secret. When the thoughts became too overwhelming, I left my house and went for a walk. The thoughts could become so over-powering some days screeching in my ears. i just covered my face or head with a pillow and screamed. Still, it was my secret, and anti-sychotics or any psych medications were never going to cross my lips.

Even when I was working, there were times trying to concentrate was like listening to a screaming child in the background. It wears you down, and you do not know how much longer, you can continue to bear it.

So, I would become my own case study, and documented every event, emotion and the specifics surrounding my obtrusive thoughts.
Were they loud that day, or softer?
How often was I hearing them?  
Did I get any peace at all?

Eventually, thank goodness, a pattern became to emerge.

My self-injuring thoughts were not as loud on days where life went well. The days when life took a turn for the bad, the thoughts were there front and center screaming their head off.

As a licensed therapist for over a decade,

Being a therapist, I already knew that the Serotonin was the main brain chemical. It affected all our thoughts, feelings and subsequently our actions. So, the answer was staring me in the face. My serotonin was higher the days when I experienced less intrusive thoughts. When the thoughts and commands were non-stop, my serotonin was lower. It was an epiphany; that was how the brain worked.

It was not complicated, it was just that simple. Now, I was holding the answer, and yet still helpless. Somehow there was a way to figure how to make my serotonin soar, so I could get some peace. This reality alone made my serotonin level plummet faster, and all the self-injuring thoughts wanted to beat down my non-compliance.

Months would pass, my free life was just depending on my continual mental strength, fighting never giving up my will. I was not going to allow the negative, destructive thoughts to become the victor.  Saying it was difficult would be the understatement, but the alternative would land me in the psych hospital.

2008 the year of my rebirth

Finally, my life was mine again, my evil mind would surrender and finally become quiet. This was all because of 1 statement made by one client. “When I lived in Italy, and ate the same diet, I did not feel depressed or anxious”

That was all I needed. Deep down, I already knew there was some connection to the onset of my mental health symptoms. It was in our food. Our food which was genetically engineered, and inundated with chemicals, and over-processing, soil nutrient deficient, and who knows how many vitamins and nutrients were being killed, or tortured. We had no idea how all these chemicals were busy affecting the absorption, or even what they were actually doing to us.

It was evident the foods were not supplying or providing us with the vitamins, minerals and other elements our brains needed to rebound our good mental health. This deprivation was part of the 3 factors behind all our mental health symptoms. We had done this to ourselves.

In prior decades, there was never so much of our society complaining about mental health symptoms

You rarely heard about all these people prescribed medications for depression, anxiety, and all kinds of stress, memory, insomnia, and mental clarity. Not like there was today. This was all related, and I knew it. Thank goodness for the nutritional education I had suffered through during my undergrad, and the ability to understand just what vitamins and minerals and other elements we were not getting.

Even eating healthy, was just not good enough. OURfoods were bastardized, and the vitamins/minerals were being anihilated. We had issues like, trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, rbgh, rbst, genetic modification and chemicals no one can pronounce.

It was evident even my diet was not providing me the sufficient level of nutrients, my brain was crying out for.

After months of trial and error, I stumbled upon my nirvana

Fast forward, after months of trial and error, I stumbled upon my nirvana. This would be the beginning of the rest of my life. You see my other option was to say, I could not go on.

After consuming my mixture of B-vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium, and Omega 3 and Omega 6, the thoughts that had plagued me and screamed in my mind finally began to quiet down.

These were the same thoughts that the medical world indicate would be chronic, and anti-psychotics were my only course of treatment. Well, they were so wrong, because the thoughts began dissipating in just 3 hours.

Was this a fluke? Days passed, and I consumed my vitamin/mineral mixture, and my mind remained quiet. I noticed even my accompanied anger, which I thought was unrelated also began to dial back. Light bulb moment: Anger was also affected by the level of our serotonin.

Now, I had a new secret which I held tight until the end of 2009. It was my decision to share my formula with a client who was suffering severely from depression. She explained she had laid on her sofa for months, not being able to do anything. Her husband was becoming less and less understanding. She was so depressed, she did not think  she could go on much longer. I asked her when it began, and she indicated she moved to Florida, because her hometown that she loved, had become financially devastated when the manufacturing factories had closed down.

She indicated she had gone to see psychiatrists and even tried some medications, but that was not her  answer.

After just three weeks, this same woman was up and about and starting a new home business.  Three weeks her life  had turned around. After I saw these amazing results, I decided to share my formula with more clients that were suffering.  More time passed, more clients began to learn about my “New Theory which was the True Theory” for depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, feeling stressed, overwhelmed, insomnia, lack of mental clarity and other related issues and symptoms.

Almost immediately, I recognized that self-injuring” thoughts are the manifestation of the severely exacerbated OCD. This was completely understandable, with “self-injuring” thoughts becoming prevalent with the adolescents simultaneously with their use of marijuana.

All the clients that used my formula, whether for their depression, anxiety, OCD, feeling stressed, insomnia, lack of focus, concentration, and noisy head saw improvement quickly. My natural nutritional formula Wellotonin was saving jobs, saving marriages, where anger would be the culprit for termination, and was giving children, who suffered from constant bullying find a way to continue. It was saving those who fell apart when they needed to get up and speak in a group. Wellotonians were no longer going hours without any shut-eye. It was saving everyone who was using it.

See it was never about medication for our depression, anxiety or anger, 

See, it was never about needed medications for depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, feeling overwhelmed, sleep issues, lack of focus, ADD. It was all about recognizing our brains had the ability to heal itself, if it was given the tools. It was about recognizing that our negative perceived life events were making out brain chemical serotonin fall lower.  Finally, about understanding when our serotonin did fall too lower, it triggered our pre-disposition or genetics (must be in your family line).

No longer could our foods keep up, because they lack the nutrients. The rats in the rat race were just getting faster.

Now, I finally found the tools to win the race. My formula proved successful for thousands of clients. When it came 
to grief, or bereavement my natural nutritional formula Wellotonin was a hero. The reality is there is No positive event that can overturn death.

It was the reality, that God had created a wonderful human machine, where the brain had the ability to heal itself. Instead we were starving our brains, punishing it, depriving it of the nutrients it longed.  The nutrients it needed for the cogs to begin moving in the right direction. This deficit was behind all the mental health symptoms and conditions being switched on.

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, when she was told by the wizard, something like, you don’t need the almighty, powerful illusion of smoke and mirrors, that I present, you always had the ability to go home and make everything right. You always possessed it ; just CLICK YOUR HEELS THREE TIMES. You have the power now too.

Now Wellotonin is available to consumers, be the next Wellotonian.

Click the link below   Also available on Amazon.

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