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It really is as simple as ABC

Sheila M. Cooperman LMHC, Creator of Patented Wellotonin Nutritional Supplement Formula

Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Stress, Wellotonin is for you!

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Every Day I am asked about the benefits of Wellotonin.

“How I created Wellotonin?  

“How does Wellotonin help- Anxiety, Anger, OCD

They say,  “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” 

Story time:

 In 2007, I suddenly began experiencing “self-injuring” thoughts, known clinically as “intrusive thoughts.” This had never happened before, but now my own mind was becoming my worst assailant. It was torturing me, and commanding and demanding I carry out vile, self-destructive behaviors every day.

For months, I would not allow anyone to drive with me in my car. There could be days when my mind would transmit thoughts about intentionally throwing my gear into park with the engine moving. Daily, I could experience commands about stabbing myself, drinking laundry detergent and even pushing my hand into the operating garbage disposal.

These thoughts never stopped, and I was living a nightmare. My anger was over-the-top; where the smallest thing made me explode.

My life had no quality.

It was my secret, trying to distract myself when I was working. I was a licensed psychotherapist and every day I was now experiencing “psychotic.” thoughts.  The medical protocol for these types of symptoms was anti-psychotic” medications.

Dealing every day with obsessive commanding destructive thoughts can wear you down, and make you hate waking up. Most likely, tomorrow was going to be just another day of my listening to destroy myself. 

So how did I create the Wellotonin formula?

There is a saying, Necessity is the Mother of Invention: 

I will tell you. I began by keeping a journal of all my daily events and the level of “intrusive thoughts and anger I was experiencing. After a few weeks, I began to notice a pattern.  One good days, my “intrusive thoughts” were less severe. On the bad days, when life just had more ignited fires than I had fire extinguishing capabilities, my “intrusive thoughts and anger” could become more intense.

Since I was a therapist, I already knew about the brain chemical Serotonin affected how we think, feel and act.

By this process, it was easy to compute, the level of my “intrusive thoughts” was congruent to the levels of my serotonin. Good days, my serotonin remained higher and my symptoms were reduced. The days my serotonin was lower my symptoms were increased.

This journal was filled every day with every event in my life including the commands my mind was instructing me daily. While this was all occurring, I remained non-compliant to all my mind’s destructive commands. It was not easy.

Right in my face the answer was staring at me. Our serotonin was constantly on the move. It could be minute movement or giant leaps. The reality even the tiniest minutiae had an effect on how we were feeling and thinking. If it fell too low it we could present with depression, anxiety, OCD, and/or anger.

Everything Now began to make perfect sense!

Now I knew “why” I had begun to experience my “self-injuring” thoughts in the first place. In the last year, my serotonin plummeted like a 727 that lost both engines, it crashed and burned.

In 2006, I was attacked by my cousin’s Rottweiler, and besides the hospitalization due to medical complications, the pic line, the family relationship being severed, the huge medical bills and the loss of use in my primary left hand, for months, I had to endure painful occupational therapy, just to regain any use of my hand again.

After six months of occupational therapy came my ultimate reality I would never again be able to write more than a few words, my artistic drawing ability was gone, I no longer had any fine motor skills, and I could not wear any rings.

For months, any positive event was over-shadowed by my daily reminder about my hand.

What I did not know was how all these horrible events was sending my serotonin on a crash path. My anger was severe, and my OCD was triggered and so exacerbated it manifested itself into “self-injuring” thoughts.

For me to feel better, I had to find some way to raise my serotonin. Since having a perfect life is delusional, I had to try to make myself as happy as possible.  This meant cleaning house, yes, getting rid of clutter, in the shape of people and things. Anyone that caused me grief was xxxx out. I began only eating my favorite foods and only doing things and with people that I enjoyed.  It helped a little, but not enough.

The truth is having great dinner, does not make up for the inability to cut your own food. So, I knew the answer, I needed to raise my serotonin, but did not know how.

In 2008, one comment from a new client changed it all.  She indicated,

“I ate the exact same way when I was living in Italy, and I was never depressed or anxious.” 

This was the missing piece I had been searching for. It was our food. I was already aware, the chemicals and over-processing was unhealthy, but I had no idea it was depriving us from essential vitamins and nutrients. The reality was our produce vegetables and fruits had no real nutrients or not enough.

Now I would begin utilizing my nutrition education from my undergrad. I was more determined than ever to restore my mental health, by consuming supplements for the vitamins and minerals that I evidently was lacking.

I would have many failures, before it was correct.  That day was my rebirth. After 2 years, my “self-injuring” thoughts were finally fading out. I continued using my  formula which became known as Wellotonin formula every day.

Every day, I mentally began feeling a little lighter, better, happier, the built up anger left my body, and life was really good.  Even the reality about my hand did not bring me down any longer.

So, I was the first Wellotonian. I have been using Wellotonin for  many years. Some days I need a little more and others a little less. There is always the “sweet spot” that will be just right. Thank goodness, if there is an unexpected trauma hits, or I find myself in a very stressful event, I can take some more Wellotonin.

I had been using Wellotonin formula for over two years before I suggested it to a very depressed client.  After just 3 weeks of using Wellotonin she announced her depression has gone, and her life was good again. I would continue suggesting Wellotonin formula to my clients. For 8 years, my clients benefited from my Patented Wellotonin formula. There all had amazing results.

Before Wellotonin formula is provided to my clients, they are first assessed for their level of mental health functioning using the BDI.  (Beck Depression Inventory).  This inventory was developed in 1961.  The BDI provides 16 categories that you score, by the client’s self-report. The BDI indicates whether the client is suffering with mild depression, moderate depression, severe depression or just experiencing every day ups and downs.

Every client that used my Wellotonin formula was voluntarily. These clients have ranged from  7 – 80 years old.

The clinical evidence clearly indicated after only a few weeks, there was a huge improvement with my clients depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, stress, insomnia, feeling overwhelmed, focus, learning and quieting their mind. These results came quickly, with no side-effects. 

For those clients that came in with severe depression, Wellotonin slowly yet progressively restored them back to good mental health in just a few weeks.

And those clients that suffered with severe OCD behaviors, Wellotonin made it stop. My clients that were addicts, who suffered with cravings, or pre-occupation, or obsessive thoughts to use drugs, Wellotonin gave them back their life.

Because Wellotonin was working so well for my clients, many friends and family members were also began to show an interest. Now, it was time to manufacture and share Wellotonin with everyone.

Designing and the manufacturing process, was a huge new learning curve for me. I did it, because I wanted people to rejoin their lives and be happy.

In 2016 Wellotonin became available to everyone. Now to date over 2000+ clients and customers have experienced these benefits – The Mental Health Magic and feel the same way.  They love Wellotonin. Now, it is just that simple. It is just that simple.  

Wellotonin’s active ingredients are the nutrients the brain needs to restore good mental health functioning, relieving depression, anxiety, OCD and anger, also stress, and even addiction. They have found they can smile again.

 This is all achieved by taking my proprietary blend of B-vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium and now you add your own Omega 3, 6 softgels. The inactive ingredient I use is rice flour

The Wellotonin formula elements synergize in your brain and the result is raising, elevating, increasing and/or developing more natural serotonin. No medication is necessary.

Wellotonin works like this: All the active ingredients first create your own (genuine) L-tryptophan  –> own-(genuine) 5HTP  –> own (genuine) Serotonin –> The result can be the presence of depression, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, impatient, angry, having difficulty concentrating.  As you increase your own serotonin, you raise the level of your own (genuine) Melatonin. This is why Wellotonians sleep well. They have plenty of Melatonin.

 Wellotonin’s proprietary patented, customized formula is manufactured at a Private Label Supplement Company which holds a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) status by the FDA has been in business over 20 years and is located in the state of Florida. The Omega 3 component was manufactured in a very large Private Label company located New York.

I make sure, I only use the best quality vitamin sources. Wellotonin is manufactured in the USA. Wellotonin is safe for children, pregnant women and even nursing moms. Even my inactive ingredients are healthier than the majority of supplement products sold. Still, you should first consult with your healthcare professional with any supplement.

 Whether you are suffering with depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, stress, feeling overwhelmed, it means your brain is has low serotonin.  Don’t stress, if given the necessary nutrients it is lacking, it can heal itself.

Wellotonin is effective, safe and healthy. Raising your serotonin level is mandatory, when it comes to good mental health functioning. Mental health symptoms, including  depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, stress, insomnia, lack of focus and concentration result from low serotonin triggering your genetic predisposition. The predisposition of depression, anxiety, OCD and anger never goes away, but it can remain dormant, when your serotonin is high.

Besides the symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD that we think we know, there are many more.  When you experience mild depression – you can experience trouble focusing, and have less mental motivation. It can also cause higher levels of procrastination and cause insomnia.

Wellotonin has been a “godsend” for my clients and customers who not only suffer from depression, anxiety, OCD and anger, but also severe stress, and feeling overwhelmed, but also live with a noisy head and insomnia. Wellotonin can help increase your mental capacity to concentrate and make you work more efficiently. Of course like most you should begin to sleep like a rock.

The can occur because the entire process allows the replenishing of your brain with these nutrients. The result life in your eyes seems sweeter and easier. Your moods stabilize and you can sleep better. Most report they can focus better, and have become more productive, and efficient. There is an improvement in mental clarity, including organizing and prioritizing. Your mind quiets down and every day you get a little closer to your mental optimum functioning. 

In my eyes, the pharmaceutical companies have failed mental health for decades. They continue making medications for depression, anxiety, OCD that numb and bandaid these mental health symptoms. Most of the time these types of medications need to be taken indefinitely.

To date, I have never known anyone that stopped feeling the mental health symptoms their depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, stress, panic attacks once they stopped using their medications.

Why, the medical world is clueless about the foundation of these conditions.

Even today, there seems to be no understanding when it involves the connection between depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, stress, feeling overwhelmed, all the mental health symptoms covering the spectrum from stress all the way to suicide ideation our serotonin falling so low it triggers the genetic predisposition and how it relates to our life events.

It seems to date, they have never figured out how to naturally raise the serotonin, without causing all kinds of adverse side-effects. All it really takes is the corect vitamins, and minerals, and of course Omega EPA, DHA. 

Reality: they don’t have anything that actually works, and makes you feel better permanently. Sure, they have plenty of psych medications that may temporarily cover up your symptoms.

Then there are all the potential adverse side-effects they include on their own pamphlets. Most people probably do not read this in their entirely until they begin feeling sick. In my eyes, these medications are really scary. I would stay far away from anything that can create electric zaps because you missed a few doses or just decided to stop.

Maybe I could understand if there was nothing else better to use, but now there is Wellotonin. 

The benefits of Wellotonin, people are feeling good, and Wellotonin does not create any adverse side-effects. It will not put you in a zombie state, or fog. With Wellotonin you will not experience any crashing or unknown personality traits. You can genuinely participate in your own life.

Wellotonians quickly become better parents, spouses, friends, co-workers, bosses and love themselves more. Our bastardized foods continue to create more mental health issues in this country.  It is becoming an epidemic, and something had to change.

This is “how” and “why” a Licensed psychotherapist was able to create a product, that translates that she is probably more intelligent than all of the pharmaceutical companies combined when it comes to understanding, depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, stress, feeling overwhelmed and a noisy mind.    

Simple, I had no other choice.  

Today, my mind has been absent of “self-injuring” thoughts for almost 10 years. My mind is always quiet, and my OCD, anger issues are kept at bay. Sure there are days that I get angry, but not as severe. I am far less reactive, and most things just bounce right off me.

Emotionally and Mentally, Wellotonin, has made me a super-hero.

It is just that simple.

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