How To Eliminate Mood Disorder Symptoms, Naturally!

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Picture of Sheila M. Cooperman LMHC - Licensed Psychotherapist, the creator of Wellotonin and the healthcare professional who has uncovered the truth about mental health issues. It has been my mission for over 10 years helping those suffering with mental health conditions and mood disorder symptoms to guide them in raising their serotonin so they can become the parents, spouses, employees and friends they have dreamed. I am Sheila M Cooperman LMHC, the creator of Wellotonin and a customer.

TV show Shark Tank Logo - Sheila LMHC went to Audition for this show and introduced the producers to Wellotonin.

I was hoping at my Shark Tank audition, the producers would recognize the importance of Wellotonin in our society, and advance me to the next level. Stay Tuned. 

 Just like you, I began to suffer from mental health symptoms. It came on suddenly. I did not understand “why” it was happening, and it was horrible. Every day was a struggle, and my quality of life was declining. I did not tell anyone how I was feeling, and I just wanted to be alone.

I was also a licensed psychotherapist, educated all about mental health conditions and mood disorders. I knew the routine protocol was to be prescribed some medication. For millions of us, medication has always been my very last option.

Still, I hated hearing those negative thoughts constantly running through my mind, and eventually having to fight the directives. I am sure many of you can relate with this particular mental health symptom.

Since Medication was not an option, I had to find a way to feel better.

Before I could feel better, I first had to discover “what” the catalyst that had brought on my mental health condition. This would begin with data collecting. 

By keeping a daily journal, I eventually discovered patterns surrounding the intensity and severity of my symptoms. 

I began to recognize, what some of you may also experience that my symptoms were more severe on days when I was subjected to more negative life events.

The days, when life went better, the symptoms were more mild. 

Just knowing that my symptoms were fluid and fluctuated, and not concrete – was huge.

Since I was already aware that our serotonin affects how we think, feel and act, this discovery directly was linking to my serotonin. 

Simply, on the days that went well, my serotonin remained higher so my symptoms were reduced. 

On the days, when life’s events took a turn for the worse, my serotonin fell lower and my symptoms were more severe.

Now I knew exactly what needed to be done to feel mentally better — Raise my serotonin.

Naturally, anyone would recognize the first process – eliminate from your life all the negatives.  

I did just that, whether it was giving up negative people or more.   

I suggest this for everyone. That helped a little, but I still had my symptoms.

Still that was not enough, so I focused on doing things I liked and eating my favorite foods. 

Again, I felt a tiny bit better, but it did not last. 

So life went on, while I kept my condition a secret and never became compliant to the bad thoughts. 

There were days, we all know when it seems we can’t endure much more. I had those days a lot.  

One day a new client said something that changed it all. 

She told me: 

“Sheila I ate the same type of diet, when I lived in Italy, and I never felt depressed or anxious.”

At that moment, I now knew it was our food. The food in the USA, was compromising all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, by all the over-processing, and chemicals.  

I am going to share with you all, to feel better I had to supplement my diet with the vitamins, and nutrients that were lacking or insufficient.

This was not easy, but with an education in nutrition and some luck, and failing repeatedly I eventually got it right.  My serotonin began to go up higher.

Almost immediately, I began feeling better. Within a few hours, there was some reduction in those “nasty thoughts” that had circulated my brain for years. 

Every day, I began to feel a little more like myself. My mind became quiet, I felt more calm. I noticed my anger was leaving my body, and I just felt so much happier. 

I was finally no longer being held hostage with my mental symptoms. 

Girl standing and her hands are above her head tied up, she is being held hostage by her mood disorder symptoms.
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The story does not end there.

I needed to understand “why” my serotonin had this time fallen so low.  

Actually, the explanation was simple.

Prior to feeling terrible, I had been attacked by my cousins rottweiler.  The injury not only brought severe medical complications, I lost the use of my primary left hand. 

I had to attend occupational therapy several times a week, just to be able to hold a fork again. 

With this loss of usage, went my ability to write and ever draw again. 

It didn’t end there, since the dog belonged to my cousin, and they betrayed me. 

Their behavior was reprehensible and the family relationship was severed forever. 

There was more, but I think you get the picture. 
My serotonin level had plummeted, crashing into my genetic predisposition of my OCD.
It had intensified to severe levels.

Simply my Serotonin began to plummet with every horrible day, and there was nothing to raise it back up. What I did not know was my predisposition for OCD, became exacerbated into self-injuring thoughts.  

It would be 2 more years, until I shared any of my story.  

I chose to share it with a client who was already desperately depressed. She had not gotten off the sofa in months. 

She explained her life events, having to leave her home because there was no business left.  

Since she hated medications, she was willing to try the same formula that I had used. 

Guess what?

The following weeks appointment, she was feeling a little better. 

She came into my office, more animated, had some pep in her step. 

Within just 3 weeks, she was back to her healthy self, and wanting to begin a new business. 

Since it worked so well for her, I began sharing my formula with other clients. 

They experienced the same results. 

They began to feel better from their depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, stress, feeling overwhelmed. 

For some their mind finally became quiet, and they could learn easier. 

I even had a few whose drug cravings dissipated. They were free from those chains. 

As more time passed, I continued suggesting Wellotonin because I knew from their
self-reported symptoms these clients needed to raise their serotonin. 

They were receptive, because they no longer wanted to be beaten down by the mental illness monster. Every one of my clients who used Wellotonin began feeling better. 

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    * Medications do not raise the serotonin, they re-cycle your old serotonin. Using serotonin supplements is just nonsense and a waste of money. Serotonin is developed by the brain, you can’t buy natural serotonin.   

 Now thousands of clients and customers have experienced these benefits – The Mental Health Magic. They love the huge improvement in their mood disorder symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, OCD, and anger, they also included feeling less stress, insomnia, feeling less overwhelmed, better focus, more concentration and a quiet mind. They loved having no side-effects, no withdrawal and sustainable results. They love Wellotonin.  

Wellotonin. It is just that simple.  

  My case work and clinical evidence is with the assessment BDI. The Beck Depression Inventory was developed in 1961, and utilizes client’s self-report regarding the severity of their depression and anxiety symptoms.

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Wellotonin’s active ingredients are the vitamins/ mineral nutrients the brain is lacking and needs in order to restore good mental health functioning.

Wellotonin is a patented proprietary blend of B-vitamins, and minerals. There may be other mental health and mood products available, but they are not Wellotonin.

They do not have the results that Wellotonin can. 

The Wellotonin formula elements uses synergy and results in raising, elevating, increasing and/or developing more natural serotonin. No medication was necessary for thousands of my clients and customers.

Wellotonin  create your own (genuine) L-tryptophan  –> own-(genuine) 5HTP  –> own (genuine) Serotonin.

When your serotonin levels are high, you no longer experience the mood disorder symptoms, of depression, anxiety, OCD and anger.  You feel more calm, less stress, improved focus, concentration, productivity, mental motivation and mental clarity and you sleep better. 

Wellotonin’s proprietary patented, customized formula is manufactured in the USA.

 Wellotonin is safe for children, pregnant women and even nursing moms. It has been used  by ages 7-80+ like all supplement products, consult with your healthcare professional.

It appears pharmaceutical companies have failed mental health for decades. They continue making medications for depression, anxiety, OCD that numb and bandaid these mental health symptoms. Most of the time these types of medications need to be taken indefinitely.

To date, I have never known anyone that stopped feeling the mental health symptoms their depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, stress, panic attacks once they stopped using their medications.

Even today, there seems to be no understanding when it involves the connection between depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, stress, feeling overwhelmed, all the mood disorder symptoms and mental health conditions covering the spectrum from stress all the way to suicide ideation, how directly it is caused by our food, and life events.

It seems to date, they have never figured out how to naturally raise the serotonin, without causing all kinds of adverse side-effects. All it really takes is the correct vitamins, and minerals, and of course Omega EPA, DHA. 

Reality: they don’t have anything that is sustainable, or works without awful side-effects.

Their own pamphlets list potential side-effects. Most people probably do not read this in their entirely until they begin feeling sick. In my eyes, I would stay far away from anything that can create electric zaps because you missed a few doses or just decided to stop.

Maybe If there was no better option, but there is Wellotonin. 

The benefits of Wellotonin, feeling good without side-effects. There is no zombie or fog state. Wellotonin does not cause crashing or unknown personality traits. On the contrary, you can genuinely participate in your own life.

Wellotonians quickly become better parents, spouses, friends, co-workers, bosses and love themselves more. Our bastardized foods continue creating more mental health issues in this country.  It is becoming an epidemic, and something had to change.

Emotionally and Mentally, Wellotonin, has made me a super-hero, you can become one too.                                          

Blond woman super-hero wearing S for superwoman
Be a super-hero

It is just that simple.

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