Thanksgiving Hack you should not Lack

Thanksgiving  Hacks,

By Sheila M. Cooperman Lic. Psychotherapist

Thanksgiving is almost here, it is right around the corner. Soon, you will have to figure out who to invite and what food to cook. Let’s not forget every thanksgiving morning, needing everything to all come together, can be more than stressful.

So the difference between stress that day, and not feeling any stress that day is Wellotonin. If you use Wellotonin you will still have to get the same things done. The only difference is you will not feel that uncomfortable pounding in your heart. Honestly you will get more accomplished well, probably in less time

Not only can we feel stress, and so overwhelmed, often we begin to feel a lack of focus, and we are rushing around, spinning our wheels, and not getting much done.  No matter how we try, we are forgetting things that we need to take care of, and even forgetting where things are located.  This is due to low serotonin. This is why you need to try Wellotonin.

Then let us not forget the issues, of making sure certain guests don’t sit near others, or being asked to cook certain foods in certain ways due to dietary needs. Then there are those gluten free individuals, that make this dinner even more difficult to plan and execute.

This is what the reality is.  These circumstances are not going to change.

However you can Change!

You can change, and not feel so overwhelmed and so much stress. It is now possible to remains calm and glide through easily by using the best hack of all, Wellotonin.

Hi, I am Sheila M Cooperman, I am a licensed psychotherapist and also the person who posts on Facebook as Chief Wellotonian.  I am the creator of  Wellotonin.  Wellotonin is a game changer. It contains just the active ingredients of all the Vitamin Bs, Calcium, Magnesium and you add your favorite Omega 3, 6.

They all work in synergy to create the serotonin and raise it in your brain. When your serotonin is at the right level, you feel like you can just glide right through.

Sure, when you hear about mental health conditions, you always hear about the full blown mood disorders like depression, Anxiety, OCD and Anger – the classic four.

The reality is just the smallest reduction of your serotonin begins to create either stress, insomnia, intolerance, or even feeling more unsure.

You can just have that oncoming or current icky feeling that you feel overwhelmed, that you are running around and rushing. We all know this happens around the holiday season, which can damper our good times.

Not all Wellotonians have to be dealing with a full-blown out mood disorder like depression, anxiety, OCD and anger to reap the benefits of Wellotonin. Plenty of them use Wellotonin to help them have more mental motivation, or concentration and productivity.

Seriously, like 3000+ be the next Wellotonian, It is just that simple.  If you don’t believe me, read what some of the Wellotonians have to say.

Natural and effective


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