The Depression Misconception

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When will it get better?

Written By: Sheila M. Cooperman LMHC, Licensed Psychotherapist and the Creator of Wellotonin

A serious problem

Why NOW is almost 92% or more of our population taking either anti-depressants, like Lexapro, Celex? How about all those anxiety medications, like Xanax, Klonopin! Don’t forget the mood Stabilizers like Wellbutrin, or Lamictal? What his the shift? Why is it that so many people find it impossible to get through their day without consuming a product that either mentally numbs themselves completely, or allows then to feel less.

To answer this question, I could regurgitate the information written in the diagnosis handbook, but it would be incorrect. This is because I know so much more than 95+% of the clinicians in this country when it comes to subject of Mental Health Conditions and Mood Disorders and their symptoms.  This would be specifically depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, and it extends to stress, agitation, feeling overwhelmed, even inferior focus and insomnia.

One of the biggest faults and responsibilities lies beside the psychiatry world and their limited tool box.  As soon as a person starts feeling badly, finding themselves experiencing mood issues, a racing mind, having problems sleeping, having difficulty coping they are told by someone to run to a psychiatrist. In some worse case scenarios, they are getting psychotropic prescriptions from their primary doctors.

The patient begins to explain their symptoms

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It takes just ten minutes or less sometimes. The medical professional hands over to them a prescription for a popular anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication. Recently this is Lexapro, one year it seemed to be always Wellbutrin, or Buspar. My absolute most unfavorite is Cymbalta. It is always about making it stop, never about what might be the catalyst for “WHY” it began in the first place.  Even when we fix our cars that are suddenly making a strange noise, we have to figure out WHY THIS NOISE IS HAPPENING. It appears we care more about our cars, than we do our mental health that directly and could permanently affect our lives and our minds.                

Does anyone ever really get an answer from their doctor? 

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What is going on with me? How, why do I now feel so badly? How will this medication actually help alleviate my depression? (a term we throw around improperly way too much.)

If they did get one, they would hear,  coined responses like “we don’t really know” “maybe it is genetic, and the medication should begin to work in a few weeks.

Would you accept this from your Mechanic?

Is this the type of answers you would accept from your mechanic? You would probably insist on more precise responses from your mechanic fixing your car, then you accept about your own mental functioning.

That is not even the really sad part. It seems there is always this very illusive concept surrounding “why” we begin to experience mood disorders and mental health symptoms. Even everything you read, would confirm this same type of mystery, OH No body knows what really occurs in the brain. I even have to continue completing CEU’s for my license with this same type of ideas, “OH, mystery nobody knows.  Every time I have to read that type of nonsense and answer question, concerning psych medications and symptoms, and MAOI inhibitors, and SSRI’s –

I really want to put my finger in my mouth and wretch.

The biggest crime is it is all old.  I know this to be true. It is not illusive, and there is an exactly “how,” “why”and  even “when” you began getting your depression. There is a precise explanation, about what is happening in your brain, that you are now experiencing mental health symptoms or a full-blown out mood disorder. This includes the illusive, depression, anxiety, OCD, Stress, Insomnia, Anger. It is all quite simple. The new truth, because of the simplicity of the problem, there is an easy maintenance with no medication indicated. Actually, medication often just compounds the problem, and adds the feature of feeling “weird” being in a zone or having no interests in anything.

I can explain it to you in the terms simple as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, what you can do to feel your optimum always. You can find yourself having more mental motivation, drive, ideas, goals, etc and won’t be pulled down by some of the human-zombie medications. Explanation

What is true, mood disorders predispositions are genetic,

All individuals possess the predisposition for their particular types of symptoms. Some family genes possess depression, for others it is anxiety, and other OCD, still others may have Anger issues. If you have really great family genes, you get the bonus plan, of both depression and anxiety or anger and Ocd, or some combination and the tri-fector some get all three or more.

None of this really matters, because all these symptoms involve low serotonin and the resolution is the same for all. Personally, I have been lucky enough to have genes for both OCD and anger.  If the psychiatrist heard my symptoms from years ago,  I would probably be hooked-up to an IV of anti-psychotics. 

I have been lucky to restore myself to my optimum

Wellotonin which just contains the vitamins and minerals, and I combine with fish oil or fish rich in Omega 3, and Omega 6 keeps my OCD in check- without any medication. Now thousands have used wellotonians to raise their serotonin. Now, sleep better, feel more calm, no longer suffer with depression, anxiety, OCD, and Anger.

Like an ice-berg our genetics never go away, we can forget about them if we stay above it, just like the hot air balloon flying high in the sky. Wellotonin can get your there. 

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